Madison Rosenberger, Ph.D.

Channel, Spiritual Mentor,
Sacred Sex Educator,
Clean Beauty Advocate
& Yoga Teacher, ERYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP


Please reach out with any questions, I look forward to connecting with you.

I am here to empower you, to guide you, and to help you connect with your Higher Self. Everything I offer in my business are things that have helped me in some way to feel more myself, more alive, happier and altogether better. And I know that there are many people who could use that same help. My private practice focuses on Spiritual Wellness.  Through various modalities, I teach them how to freely and fully connect to their soul. This is Spiritual Wellness. All the answers to life lie within yourself. All the healing you desire is within reach. I will help you clear out obstacles that are holding you down and help you learn how to align with your truest self, which creates a positive ripple effect of healing, joy and abundance out into all areas of your life.


I work directly with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Sacred Guides and other high vibrational beings. I channel powerful information that provides you with clarity and confirmation on your path so that you leave feeling supported and confident about your next steps. As an intuitive empath, I am sensitive to your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and I intimately understand where you have been. This allows me to deeply and compassionately connect to you.


Where do I begin?


This woman has changed my life.


I found Madison during a dark time in my life. I had no purpose and no idea of who I was or how to begin my healing journey. Our first session was magical. I felt instantly connected to Madison and could feel the love, compassion, and understanding radiating off of her. It felt like a nice long chat with an old friend and I am forever thankful for her healing energy and support. The overall experience was incredible and brought so much clarity and peace inside of me. With Madison it was the first time I didn’t feel afraid to express my feelings, to be true to who I am, and to ask the hard questions.


Since our first meeting I have learned so much about myself and the limiting beliefs that have held me back from being connected to my Highest Self. I have learned to establish a relationship with myself, extend love and compassion to myself and others, and voice the truths that are in my heart and soul without fear or judgment. I hope that Madison will always be a part of my life and journey here on this Earth because it is through her and our sessions that I now have this sense of purpose, self-love, and determination to help and heal others.


I cannot express the gratitude I have towards her and our sessions. Her energy is so bright, compassionate, warm, and loving. I aspire to project that energy not only to others but, myself. I am so thankful and lucky to have Madison as my mentor. Her love and support has brought so much clarity and reassurance into my own life. I am so proud of my growth and journey, this is just the beginning and I thank Madison for getting me jumpstarted on this path of life! Life is so much bigger than the physical, the materialistic. It is about connecting with your Higher Self and honoring who you are as a spiritual and physical individual.


If you are lost and looking for some hardcore spiritual guidance, Madison is your girl!  I will never be able to say thank you enough to her for all of the love, healing, and wisdom she has instilled in me!


Haverhill, Massachusetts

Working with Madison has been incredibly rewarding in ways that I never could have expected. She is incredibly skilled at sensing where you are in your journey and meeting you there to guide you. The love and support she shares in her sessions are seeds that go on to grow and grow. In our time together, I felt myself develop trust, peacefulness, and a sense of empowerment that has immeasurably enriched my life. I have discovered so much positivity that I was missing and it has opened my mind and heart.


I loved how she encouraged me to choose the direction of our work and helped me tap into my own gifts. Sometimes we worked through some difficult issues, and I always felt that she was gentle and caring and respectful.


The most powerful skill that Madison helped me develop was Meditation and the ability to ground and be present. The first time I ever tried meditation was with her guidance and it was like an incredible magical world was revealed to me. I also loved Madison’s take-home suggestions because they allow me to manifest spirituality in my everyday life. She helped me create rituals and habits that keep me feeling supported and empowered, especially in stressful times. Most of all, she reminded me to always honor myself and show myself compassion first. I’ve learned to trust my intuition and to trust that the Universe is conspiring in my favor.


Madison is gentle in approach and fierce in substance. She openly bares her soft spots and it only makes her more resilient. And that is a superpower that she is willing to help us all discover in ourselves. It’s incredibly inspiring and encouraging to learn from someone who is so open about their own journey and living so authentically.


Charleston, South Carolina

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