Nude Yoga: Finding Nirvana in Your Birthday-Suite

Nude Yoga: Finding Nirvana in Your Birthday-Suite

Today Elephant Journal shocked me! Naked yoga? What a strange and wonderful concept. I was always under the impression that naked yoga was just an activity men slyly suggest to their significant others to instigate a romantic romp. Then I read this article,, and it all made perfect sense!

Why wouldn’t someone want to partake in naked yoga? And no not because of the concept of seeing people naked. On a spiritual level there is nothing more intimate about a practice where you are stripped of your clothing.

This excerpt explains it in a beautiful way, “Teaching naked yoga allows me to enjoy myself completely naked. It allows me to enjoy the physical beauty of a body that bends and lifts and breathes and beats and hums and drums. It allows me to enjoy my metaphorical nakedness—to strip bare and allow me to see myself when I take off all the many masks I wear, as it becomes impossible for me to take off my clothes and still be in disguise.”

Think of how often you get naked. Usually there are three instances, to change clothing, shower, or have sex. Never do you get to sit in your nakedness. Reach down the roots of our human body, feel the vulnerability but also the empowerment of our nakedness.

I have a theory that Europeans are much more comfortable with their sexuality because of their openness to being naked. When I was in Barcelona, Spain I went to my first nude beach, stripped buck naked in broad daylight and walked into the Mediterranean. No one looked, no one pointed. For a second I felt tingles of embarrassment rush through my body, but then realized how natural it felt.

We are taught to be shamed by our naked bodies and cover them up, and in effect we become insecure and guarded of our sexuality. Especially for women it is so important to embrace you figure. This is you. Accept your body. Thank it for taking on the task of being such a gorgeous vessel for your soul.

It reminds us that life is meant to be playful and fun. Yoga is not meant to be strictly serious and intimidatingly intense. When you get a room full of people who are naked, you break out of that shell. “And getting to know the people in the room means that as we practice we laugh. As we practice we discuss how things feel. As we practice we stop taking ourselves so fucking seriously.”

Naked yoga is just the most beautiful and loving way to get back to your roots, drop pretenses, and practice yoga in a deeper way.

Yogis across the nation are dropping their clothes and getting back in touch with their natural, earthy selves.

Maybe you’re not quite willing enough to go be naked in front of a group of yoginis. I encourage you to practice naked yoga in the privacy of your own home alone  or maybe with your significant other (no hanky panky). See what it feels like to move your body sans clothes, I think you’ll be interested to see what comes up.


Rachel Brathen, famous yogi, participated in the most breathtaking naked yoga shoot I have yet to see. You can see her passion for yoga beaming out of her body. This is raw beauty.



Rosie Reeves, a relationship and singles coach in Perth, Australia teaches group classes of naked yogis and yoginis! ( 

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