2017 Energy Reading

2017 Energy Reading

Who doesn’t love the fresh start of a new year? The promise of a clean slate and the excitement of 365 days of uncharted territory waiting to be discovered. For 2017 this feeling couldn’t be more true, this year is going to be full of prosperity, change, and stability. The necessary events for our world’s ascension are taking place and our society is rapidly evolving.

This is a 1 year! What the heck does that mean? I am talking Numerology, *“Interpretation of numerical digits preceded astrology, and gamatria, the actual study of numbers, gave the first understandable answers to the most universal problems and events”

Our whole life is run by numbers, dates, months, years, seconds, minutes, etc. Every number has a vibration, an essence, and we can analyze any number very easily by condensing it down to 1 single digit. We then look to numbers 1-9 for significance.


2017 is reduced to the number 1, 2+0+1+7 = 10 -> 1+0 = 1.


When speaking in terms of years we have 9-year cycles, 2016 was a 9 year, the end of a cycle. 2016 many people experienced loss, endings, and the tying up of loose ends. In December all of a sudden you were eager to quit your job, end a relationship, or start over. The energetic sensation of 2017 prompted you to say “enough is enough” and embark on the next chapter of your life. 2017 brought the energy of 1, of new beginnings, and pioneer motivation. The ruling planet of 1 , is the Sun, full of power, inventive forces, strong drive, inner strength, and new ideas.

All of this being said, the energy from 2016 will still linger through January. You may be feeling an odd pull between wanting to start new but also feeling stuck in saying goodbye to your old ways. Do not hurry yourself into this new 2017 energy, allow yourself to heal. 2016 was a heavy year with lots of growing pains and after your heart breaks you need time to readjust. Think of it as a break up with 2016, you need time to mourn your relationship before jumping into bed with 2017!


I pulled three cards to explore 2017’s energy even further. Sticking with the theme of numerology, the numbers represented in this reading were 1 – for the Four of Pentacles, 3 – for the King of Pentacles and, 3 – for the Wheel of Fortune.


1 – showing its eager face again telling us that we are ready for the plunge into leadership, wealth, and adventure. 3 – showed up twice to emphasis the good fortune of this year; 3 energy is associated with creativity, romance, enthusiasm, passion, and excitement. The abundance of 3s as well as the repetition of Pentacles shows us that this year will be incredibly rewarding, fruitful, and enjoyable! The Wheel Of Fortune is represented to show us that we need to shake things up a bit to find the diamond in the rough. You need to step outside of your comfort zone and take a risk to experience true change. Change can be uncomfortable and scary while at the same time cheerful, so don’t shy away from it.


My biggest suggestion and advice for owning the energy of 2017 is to not make plans but to set intentions.


This 1 energy is ripe for manifesting what you desire but that does not mean forcing what you desire. There is a difference between strong-arming a plan and releasing an intention. You may be full of inspiration as you saunter off into 2017 but remember to make your dreams a reality with ease. If you hold your intentions in your heart and FEEL into the essence they carry they will have the room to grow. If you suffocate your seeds after planting them, they won’t sprout. Say a prayer to the Universe and only take actions towards your plans when you can genuinely FEEL in your body that they are aligned. Avoid overthinking any initiatives or forcing things that just don’t seem to fit together.


Overall, enjoy 2017 and be present for every second of it! No matter what happens or what events arise it is all Divinely intended as a part of your path. Don’t miss a single second of it, live for today and have gratitude for it all!


*Numerology for Beginners by Gerie Bauer



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