2018 Crystal Reading

2018 Crystal Reading

Last night I took a walk in the snow, which I have never been able to do in Charleston before, it has not snowed in Charleston, SC in 10 years and I have only lived here about 4. Seeing a city that is meant for flip flops, resorts, and summer boat rides covered in snow was a big change. As I was walking through the winter wonderland last night I was overcome with a fresh feeling that the snow seemed to embody, a feeling of deep change and beginnings. It was quiet, the snow was sparkling and everything was calm. After months of struggle and strife, I felt like the snow was helping me breathe easy for the first time in a long time. The snow practically whispered, “everything’s coming up roses”.

This morning I threw stones to shed light on the upcoming year ahead and with no surprise, I saw lots and lots of CHANGE. I also saw a steady, strong BALANCE. There will be tremendous amounts of change, but all of this change will be leading to more balance and this balance will lead to deeper prosperity for our planet and for those on a path to enlightenment and growth.

Below I have broken down the 12 months, each with a governing crystal that will dictate the energy and flow of that month. I read the months ahead to aid myself and others into tapping into the energy so that we can go with the flow, not to force or control how we perceive what is up ahead. Allow your own story and journey to unfold, what do YOU see in the crystals?  All that is asked of you is to bring awareness to the feelings, emotions, and energies swirling around you this year. You are not required to analyze, plan, or micromanage, just be aware. Awareness is key to living a life of intention, and intention is key to living a life full of presence and presence is the key to living a life focused on love….which after all is the key to happiness.


Enjoy and Happy New Year!!


January – MALACHITE – This month is governed by the heart, discover what you truly want and motivate your life with love instead of fear.

February- ANGELITE – Your angels are working overtime this month to support you, call on your Spiritual Support Team for every little thing this month, even asking for ‘mundane’ things such as a better parking spot.

March – HEMATITE – The year is really amping up be sure you don’t get swept up in it all, take time to connect with Mother Earth and ground down.

April – LEPIDOLITE – Destress and relax, spring fever can make you jittery, take a break from the overwhelming stream of daily ‘to dos’, the theme for this month is STOP. Stop what your doing, let go and release.

May – GREEN OBSIDIAN – An abundance of wealth is coming to you this month, prepare for an influx of prosperity by fortifying your boundaries.

June – CHERRY QUARTZ – This month is all about FUN! Dance, sing, play, swim, create, and just steep yourself in imaginative joy!

July – ORANGE AGATE – This month is on fire, literally and energetically. While you sweat through the summer heat, you are burning through remaining toxic patterns.

August – DUMORTIERITE – Patient, everything is panning out exactly as its suppose to, proceed with patience.

September – LAPIS LAZULI – Remember that prosperity that began to move forward in May? It’s in full swing now! Step into this abundance like an Egyptian, with confidence and strength and know that you are WORTHY. Your abundance will seek out someone more ready if you do not consider yourself worthy. Wealth is an energy and it wants to find a home where it is welcomed…make your life a welcoming vessel by owning it!

October – PINK OPAL – Be gentle with yourself, this is a month of reflection and ease. Take time to slide through this month with minimal effort, its okay to put everything off for a while and just keep on keepin on. No need to make waves this month.

November – TIGER EYE – It is no wonder this stone shows up around the time of Thanksgiving, this month is going to be about grounding through FAMILY, allow gratitude for your family to ground you into your presence and your being.

December – CRYSCOLLA – The past few years our Decemembers/ends of the year have seemed harsh, heavy and full of detox. While the end of the year is always going to be a time for endings and letting go, December 2018 feels like a much wiser end of the year. This month wisdom will rule and we will be so in the flow that we will resist the endings less and welcome the transmutation.

  • Desiree Meany
    Posted at 21:42h, 04 January Reply

    I did my own card reading earlier this week. It’s amazing how well the energies in your reading coincide with mine for each month. Thank you so much for sharing! 😀

    • admin
      Posted at 19:21h, 06 January Reply

      That’s wonderful!
      You’re welcome, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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