22 Episodes of Tea Time!

22 Episodes of Tea Time!

Last month was the 22nd episode of what I use to call Tea Time Tuesdays!

Head on over to the archives of my group Spiritual Teachings with Madison (here) to watch any of the 22 episodes listed below!

While I have resigned from hoping on FB Live every Tuesday, I am still answering questions from my students/clients.

Submit any questions you may have to the wall of the private FB group!


Episode List

  1. The Importance of Pain ( The Lobster Story!)
  2. Connecting to your Guides, Releasing Control + A Bit About My Story
  3. Divine Masculine and Feminine + Twin Flames
  4. Healing Wounds, Bad Dreams, + What Ringing in the Ears Means
  5. Individual Oracle Card Readings
  6. Mercury Retrograde + 9 Year
  7. Powering Your Self Care with Intention + A Sinus Remedy
  8. Crystal Recommendations, Deep Sleep Advice, and How to Address Spirituality/Religion with Children
  9. Channeling Mermaids
  10. Past Lives + Saying “No”/Boundaries
  11. Earth Angel Realms
  12. Charkas 101
  13. The Importance of Financial Abundance (Money is not Evil)
  14. Psychic Self Protection
  15. Clearing Your Aura/Energy (Especially For Empaths) + Staying Grounded
  16. Mudras
  17. Psychic Colors + How to Stay Focused on Spiritual/Internal Growth
  18. Releasing Relationships
  19. Mandalas
  20. Meditation Demystified
  21. Coping with Separation from Loved Ones
  22. How to Develop Trust


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