3 Days, Some Juice, and A New Perspective

3 Days, Some Juice, and A New Perspective

My new year has brought so much happiness and a sense of higher consciousness, I have finally dusted away the cobwebs and feel FRESH. I started out the new year in Colorado being read by one of the most amazing intuitives, named Jonelle and I learned a great deal about where my life will lead. I came home to the most amazing boyfriend and we took a trip to New York City that sparked the beginning of an incredible year together. He encourages me, supports me, and loves me for who I am. ( I am a firm believer that only you can make yourself happy, but I’m an even firmer believer that the love and energy of another person can help you vibrate so high that happiness is the only option.) I had my first client as a private trainer at Eco Fitness, took on kickboxing, and found a spiritual group and new friends in Charleston to share my beliefs and ideas with! All in all, I’d say I’m having a fantastic year so far. Jonelle told me this year would be fun for me, I am vibrating high and saying goodbye to the RAW feeling of 2013. I am a whole new woman.

Commited to my new, clear and focused life in 2014, I felt ready to fully clean out my energetic body and cleanse my chakras so I decided to complete a 3-day juice cleanse! When I tell people I’m doing a juice cleanse, they look at me with bewilderment, like I’m half crazed. I did not embark on this journey to lose weight in some insane crash diet. I won’t deny that a benefit of these past three days was 10 pounds lost, however that was not my intent.


My purpose was to flush my body of all the toxins that had accumulated. My cleanse was of spiritual means, not physical. There are so many foods in our day to day diet that clog our aura, and keep our third-eye blind. Food addictions also serve as emotional blockades, we eat to repress.


I started out by doing a week long vegan diet before I completed Urban Remedy’s Signature Classic 3 day Juice Cleanse! I recommend this for anyone going on a juice cleanse, a week vegan will ease your body in and out of the transition.

On my first day of the cleanse, I cried like a baby at the end of the day. You’d think thats because I was “starving”, but my body had plenty of nutrients, however the foods that had been blocking my emotions were gone and I was experiencing repressed anger, irritability, sadness, and despair that had been longing to be felt.

Day two I experienced a turning point, I woke up hungry and with a mild headache, but as the day went on I was in pure bliss. My mother noticed a chipper tone in my voice, and as Urban Remedy’s motivational email said “[My] headache [was] replaced with increased mental clarity…” I felt light, refreshed, rejuvenated, and energetic.

It is now my third day, and I’m almost use to the liquid diet (although still rejoicing at the thought of solid food in the morning). I must admit I will miss this feeling though. My body is completely free of toxins that had been weighing me down. I’m rid of fatigue and I feel so fresh and clear that it almost feels like a dream.

So here I am, two more juices to drink and then its finally back to solid foods in the morning! I have never been so excited for breakfast in my life! This new found crisp feeling has opened my eyes to how I can rid myself of toxins in my everyday life, even after the cleanse is over. I have bought a book Angel Detox by Doreen Virtue that has inspired my to incorporate herbs, oils, meditation, prayer, and diet changes to clear my body out regularly.


My intuition had seemed to be blocked, fighting to break through; with the help of this juice cleanse and other means of detoxing, I finally feel awakened!


This post is also intended to give high praise to the Urban Remedy juice cleanse. I fully intend on completing it again some point in the future. If you are interested in more specifics of my day to day cleanse. Please don’t hesitate to email me! (www.urbanremedy.com)





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