4 Practices to Harness the Power of A Solar Eclipse (the last one might surprise you)

4 Practices to Harness the Power of A Solar Eclipse (the last one might surprise you)

On Monday, August 21st, 2017 the whole country will be eagerly anticipating what is being called one of the greatest astrological events of our lifetime, the Great American Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse of 2017 is not only a phenomenal event for astronomers but a massive launch of magic for our world. This eclipse will unleash incredible change on our planet, can’t you feel it? We are currently in the “pre-eclipse shadow” and I can already feel this epic transformation bubbling under my skin.

“ This Solar Eclipse, is immensely significant and positive in so many ways, in the sign of Leo, it represents a marked improvement in the good life for us all. Our quality of life will dramatically improve, as well as developing our sense of self, self will and personal power, feeling proud of who we are. This is heart opening energy.” (Expanded Consciousness)

Here are 4 “day of” practices to help you harness the power of the eclipse and use it to break through any emotional, physical or mental barriers that you’ve been waiting to smash down for a long time now.

Are you ready to transition? Are you ready to embrace the next phase of your journey? Ready to shake off those cobwebs and start again? Here we go..

1. Journal Prompts/Reflection

It is important to reflect on what this eclipse means for you as an individual. Metaphorically this eclipse can shed light on what current karmic patterns and emotional blocks you are ready to release. Here are two powerful prompts to guide your contemplation:


“People depend on the sun’s movement,” Krupp said. “[It’s] regular, dependable, you can’t tamper with it. And then, all of a sudden, Shakespearean tragedy arrives and time is out of joint. The sun and moon do something that they shouldn’t be doing.” (National Geographic)

This change in our rhythmic cycle can leave you feeling ungrounded and chaotic. When I think about the eclipse I envision our indigenous people, 1000s of years ago, panicking because the sun leaves the sky in the middle of the day, or I imagine the animals all a tizzy because something is NOT right.

The sunrise and sunset are two very dependable events that happen everyday, they ground us. We know that no matter what happens we can rely on the sun rising and setting each day. Humans like things they can predict and the second things go wonky it sets off an internal, instinctual fear.

This change is asking us to TRUST in the universe, in Mother Nature, and in the intuitive flow. To have faith in God and trust that we are in good hands.

Prompt: Can you practice blind faith in your life? Can you trust without knowing? Can you let go of making things happen and go with the natural flow? In what aspects of your life could you practice belief without abandon?

In alchemy, a Solar Eclipse is referred to as an Alchemical Wedding because it’s the marriage of the Sun and the Moon. The Sun represents the ego, Solar Plexus Centered, Yang and the Divine Masculine and the Moon represents the soul self, Heart Centered, Yin and the Divine Feminine. On our journey, we are all seeking to balance these qualities within ourselves as well as in our collective community.

Prompt: Take a look at the qualities below, which side do you feel your energy favors? What are some ways you can bring yourself back into balance? What actions can you take to nurture both sides of your self?


The Divine Feminine                           The Divine Masculine

Feminine energy                                           Masculine energy

Receiving                                                       Giving

Feeling                                                           Thinking

Intuition                                                         Logic

Soft                                                                 Strong

Vulnerable                                                      Capable

Dependent                                                     Independent

Nurturing                                                       Protective

Compassion                                                   Courage

Flowing                                                          Steady

Being                                                             Doing


2. Metamorphosis Ritual

Witnessing the moon physically move in front of the sun reminds us that our world is ever-changing, in fact, the only constant in life is change. At this very moment, you’re getting older and seconds are ticking by, not one second is identical to the last. If you are familiar with New Moons, then you know that they carry the opportunity to release the past and plant new seeds for the future. A Solar Eclipse carries that energy three times over.

“If you think of the astrological system as a computer, eclipses are those moments when the divine disk drive writes a new code to the magnetic surface of life. There is, at the same time, the possibility to erase certain ideas and influences for good. The script will be re-written and the scriptwriter and co-creator is you.”(Expanded Consciousness)

This is the IDEAL time to set your intentions

Step 1: Reflect on what you are ready to release. What are you ready to say goodbye to? Write all of these down on a sheet of paper titled “I Release…”

Step 2: Reflect on your intentions so that they are clear. In what areas of your life are you ready to change? What events, new energy, abundance, and growth are you ready to herald in? Write all of these down on a separate sheet of paper in a present tense, positive affirmation template. Ex. “I want money” vs “I am financially abundant now” *Attached below is a list of mantras you could add to your intention list written by The Numinous specific to each zodiac sign.

Step 3: Find a quiet moment to burn your release list and scatter the ashes to the earth and then either bury your intention list or place it underneath a manifestation crystal.

3. Alchemical Elixir

This elixir calls for two ingredients; water and 6 crystals (they don’t all have to be the same, mix match however you like) You may use whichever crystals you are intuitively drawn to but I am feeling called to use any of these; Sunstone, Carnelian, Garnet, Citrine, Amethyst, Tiger Iron, Clear Quartz, and Tangerine Aura Quartz.

Take a large glass container ( I am going to use a lemonade pitcher) and fill it with Alkaline water. Place your water outside and place the crystals around it in a circle. As you place each crystal repeat this phrase “Thank you for harnessing the power of this alchemical marriage”

 The next day you may remove your grid and use your elixir in whichever way you see fit! To drink, water plants, bake with, give to your pets, or even bathe with!

4. Do Nothing

Yes, you heard me right. Do not put any stress or too much emphasis on “bettering” yourself. Reflect, express gratitude, and relax. Do not strain yourself to release, or desperately grip at what you want.

This transition is epic but also incredibly intense. Let go of “doing” and be kind to yourself.

I will probably allot 15 minutes to the above practices and then I will do nothing. I will steep in family, I will steep in the silent, thoughtless, wordless energy of the day, I will submerge my body in saltwater, and have fun. Be still, be calm, be gentle with yourself. Seek out laughter, joy, and love. Release the need to “fix” yourself. You are on your way to an infinitely better life just by being in the US while this Great American Eclipse passes by. Release the reigns, take a step back, and enjoy.

Madison Rosenberger
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