Discover Your Animal Chakra Guardians

Discover Your Animal Chakra Guardians

It all started with Rony, just now as I type his name I can feel a subtle roar inside my ribcage, he is so excited to meet you all. About 11 months ago I was in the throws of really owning my power and strengthening my solar plexus chakra and one day during my meditation/chakra healing this gorgeous lion appeared to me. He was gigantic and resembled the great Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia. I had seen him once before, in the belly of a client as I worked on his solar plexus, the lion was running circles trying to speed up the frozen chakra. After a couple times of meeting him in my meditations I asked his name, Rony. Of course, instantly a loveable redheaded Gryffindor came to mind. I started working with Rony regularly, in the beginning I would simply lay on his back and let him guide me and by the end I was standing up on his back with my arms stretched out wide as he ran at full speed! Working with him truly transformed my solar plexus and strengthened my confidence.

After Rony, it was Sarvan, a Raven who sat on my shoulder and literally worked on pecking open my third-eye chakra. After Sarvan opened my vision a bit wider, the rest followed. I was doing energy healing on a client and all of a sudden they all rushed in! I saw an animal helping me attune each of his chakras. They were guiding me and protecting me as I navigated through his energy field. This is the very moment I became aware of the presence of Animal Charka Guardians.

I always wondered why I had never resonated with just one spirit animal and in that moment I realized it was because we all have many animal guides. Some spirit animals come into your life to guide you through a certain phase or specific situation, just like spirit guides, and then leave once their goal is accomplished. Others are with you since birth and never leave, Animal Chakra Guardians are a part of this category. The Hindus and Native Americans believe in this and assigned a specific guide to each chakra, for example the root chakra Hindu guide is an elephant and the root chakra Native American guide is a snake. There is an animal assigned to each chakra, however unlike the Hindu and Native American’s beliefs, the animals that are assigned to each chakra varies from person to person.

It is not a one-size fits all.

We each have different Animal Chakra Guardians who are there to help heal, strengthen, balance and clear the chakras. You have at least 12 for each of the main chakras, however some may connect to a few more depending on the individual’s needs and desires. For example, I have a guardian for my ears because I have been working on enhancing my Clairaudient gifts, one for me knees because I have been healing spiritual trauma connected t0 past knee surgeries, and one for my hands to guide my healing touch.

If you are unfamiliar with the 12 Chakra System can learn more from the fantastic audio CD, The Twelve Chakras by Diana Cooper, you can purchase this here

Our Animal Charka Guardians emulate the powerful qualities of the chakras over which they preside and inspire you to keep your chakras balanced and clear. They also help you heal other people as mine did with my client.


Here are a few sure-fire ways to get in touch with your Animal Chakra Guardians:

  1. Meditation:

I have created a guided meditation to help you discover who your Animal Chakra Guardians are and how to awaken their power within you! This audio guides you through the 12 main chakras inviting in each personal Animal Chakra Guardian. Not only will this meditation introduce you to your furry chakra guardians but it will also clear and balance your chakras, attuning you to a high vibrating, positive frequency. PURCHASE HERE

After discovering who your Animal Chakra Guardians are the best way to work with them is to continue to visit them in meditation. Here are a few easy ways how to,

  • Visualize yourself in a natural surrounding, a beautiful sanctuary. Invite in the guardian you desire you to work with and simply allow your imagination to run wild. Your imagination IS your intuition, it is not your head making things up. After setting the intention and opening up your energy your guide will present themselves through your thoughts. Interact with your guardian as if he was right there with you.
  • Visualize the chakra you desire to heal in your body and energy field. Then envision the animal inside the chakra itself as if you had a miniature version inside the chakra working his magic.
  • Balance all 12 chakras with your guardians by bringing your awareness to each chakra starting in the Earth Star and going all the way up to the Stellar Gateway. As you bring your consciousness to each chakra call in the specific guardian. Ask for their help in clearing your aura, and balancing the spin of your chakra.

“When Madison helped me tap into my animal guides, it was one of the most fun and profound things I’ve experienced. I always knew that I connected to certain animals more than others and being able to identify why was so enlightening. Since I’ve met my specific guides, it’s allowed me to tap into my chakras in a completely different way. They help guide and protect me in such a grounded, supported way and it’s truly enjoyable. I am so grateful to Madison for making it such a fun an enjoyable experience!” – Brittney Chaplin

  1. Physical Animal Representation:

Seek to interact with the physical representation of your Animal Chakra Guardians. If your guide is a dolphin, go to the beach, close your eyes and call to them with your heart. If your guide is a deer, go to the woods, sit in quiet meditation and ask to meet with one.

While I understand that zoos can be upsetting to those who wish to see the caged animals free, I am here to tell you that the animals signed up in this lifetime to live there specifically to help you connect! The powerful lion, such as my Rony, knew he couldn’t reach the majority of the population if he stayed in Africa alone. They have sacrificed their freedom to be near you! These animals are here to help you on a spiritual level. Animals are powerful, evolved beings and they have decided to make themselves readily available to you.

Once you make physical contact with your guide you can communicate with them! This exercise by Diana Cooper is one of my favorites.

It is easier to practice this exercise if your animal is in your physical presence, but if it is not, send an absent communication to it.”

  1. Sit quietly with your animal. Stroke it and whisper to it if you wish to, but this is not essential
  2. Imagine pink light coming from your heart center and surrounding you. Then let it enfold the animal.
  3. Mentally tell the animal that you love it and wish to communicate with it.
  4. When you feel you have established a rapport, telepathically ask it a question.
  5. Wait in a receptive mode for an answer to drop int your mind. This will usually come as a thought, which you may think is your own. The more you practice this, the more quickly you will be able to differentiate your own those for the responses of the animal.
  6. Sometimes the flash of response will drop in later – even the next day – so relax and enjoy this exercise without expectation or pressure”


  1. Pinterest

Unfortunately, it may be impossible for you to meet the physical representation of some your Animal Chakra Guides. So to invoke my Animal Chakra Guardians I have relished in building Pinterest boards devoted to my beautiful animals. Photography is a powerful medium and allows me to intuitively connect with each one of my guides.

  1. Creativity:

Get out the paint, crayons, or whatever artistic medium you desire, and go to town! Print out those Pinterest images and create a vision board! Bring your guides to life with creativity. “A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life. Living in this manner—continually and stubbornly bringing forth the jewels that are hidden within you—is a fine art, in and of itself.” As Elizabeth Gilbert so beautifully depicts in her book Big Magic, a creative life brings forth the hidden jewels within you! You can use this magical force to awaken your Animal Chakra Guardians.

Are you intimidated to free hand your own creative work? Millie Marotta has published four fantastic coloring books for mindful, meditative connection with creatures of all types! (Purchase Here)

  1. Oracle Cards + Books

My favorite go-to resources when uniting with the spirit animal kingdom are The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck ( Purchase Here ) , Spirit Animal Oracle (Purchase Here) and Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D Farmer (Purchase Here)

Enjoy your Animal Chakra Guardian exploration! If you would like 1:1 assistance in discovering your guardians contact me to schedule a Channeled Reading!

Last, but not least, if you are interested in hearing about my guardians here is my list!

Earth Star Chakra – Bear

Knee Chakras – Black Panther

Root Chakra – Elephant

Sacral Chakra – Doe

Navel Chakra – Seahorse

Solar Plexus Chakra – Lion

Heart Chakra – Sea Lion

Throat Chakra – Unicorn/Pegasus

Ear Chakras – Dolphins

Hand Chakras – Chimp

Third Eye – Raven

Crown Chakra – Butterflies

Causual Chakra – Starfish

Soul Star Chakra – Humpback Whale

Stellar Gateway Chakra – Dragons

Madison Rosenberger
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