Sometimes I feel like writing but have nothing to write about it. I crave to put paper to pen, or in my case fingers to keys, and see what pours out. It is as if something inside myself is dying to get out. Like a part of my soul has been trapped, hidden, made invisible for so long and it’s finally ready to be HEARD! This is my awakening.

I feel tired, slow, lethargic somedays. Headaches infest my brain and my eyes burn and itch. A year ago I would have just drowned in my own self-pity, but today I realize….this is my awakening.

One day I feel gleeful, the next I feel ridden with emotions that have no source. Emotions that are finally surfacing, that have not been felt in years. I cry and cry and cry but can’t find a reason for my tears. This is my awakening.

I see myself 20 years from now and I idolize myself. I want to be her…NOW. I don’t want to wait, I want to be here this instant, and it frustrates me like a little child who is refused a toy. This is my awakening.

What is your awakening? What have you been experiencing? Have you felt the shift? Have you felt the power of the Supermoon? What doors have opened for you?

Please share your experience!


Madison Rosenberger
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