According to many of the world’s leading scientists and medical organizations, the harmful ingredients in our cosmetics (everything from face lotion and makeup, to baby powder and sunscreen) have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption, infertility, and other health issues.

These toxic chemicals are not only causing disease in your bodies but harming your Spirit by contaminating your energy systems and clogging your Chi (Prana, Lifeforce, Universal Energy that animates all things) These poisonous ingredients are hampering your physical health, intuitive potential and spiritual evolution.

While many countries ban a large number of these toxic chemicals from cosmetics, such as the E.U. banning about 1,400, the U.S. only bans 11 and restricts 30!

There has not been a federal law passed governing the personal care industry in the U.S. since 1938! Only 1.5 pages of federal law are used to regulate the $200 billion cosmetics industry. No category of consumer products is subject to less government oversight than cosmetics and other personal care products.

BeautyCounter bans 1,800+ toxic ingredients with one simple mission, to get safer products in the hands of everybody.


For a full year, I have tried numerous clean beauty products from various companies and my experience with BeautyCounter has been the best. They have the highest quality customer service and people who really care. Their products are not only safer but high performing (this is hard to find in clean beauty) and they have the largest range of products (and are coming out with more constantly). I am so proud to be a consultant for BeautyCounter and to join the clean beauty revolution! –


Beauty should be good for you.

Beauty products should raise your vibration, awaken your soul, and invigorate your body, mind, and spirit.

Beauty should make you feel alive and powerful and should never make you sick.

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