Binaural Beats Meditation Tracks

Meditones are Binaural Beat Meditation Music Tracks created by Tahlee Rouillon. Her tracks are very powerful, incredibly transformational and will help you to get deeper into meditation. Binaural beats are a way to create a desired brainwave length through brain entrainment. By simultaneously sending a different tone to each ear, the brain works to create a third tone based on the mathematical difference between the two frequencies. The brain then produces brainwaves at that acquired frequency.


You can find many different Binaural Beats tracks created to help you enter specific brainwave length states to support various activities, such as studying, deep sleep, creativity, and more. Tahlee’s Meditones are created specially to help you achieve a deep healing and meditative state!


Tahlee’s tracks have helped me to get to a true Theta state, which is most conducive for deep relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, psychic channeling, and receiving cosmic energy downloads. My all time favorite album is Elevating/Grounding, as an intuitive empath I can often get quite “high” while performing readings, the Grounding track in this album always brings me right back down to Earth and my body so I can clear out my aura and being.

As an Affiliate Seller for Sonesence I will receive commission when you purchase through the link below. I have chosen Tahlee’s work because I have not found a single binaural beat track that compares with her incredible creations! She is truly gifted and her work is like no other.

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