Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is a transformational tool used to help you heal emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. 100% raw cacao is “food of the gods”, it opens the heart, elevates mood, replenishes the body with vital minerals, lowers blood pressure, removes toxins from the body, aids in sleep, and fights inflammation. Commercial chocolate is overprocessed and ingredients like sugar cane and milk that rob cacao of its natural physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. When drunk with intention 100% raw cacao creates space for deep emotional healing.

To learn more about the benefits and power of cacao or how to prepare and use cacao read my blog post, Ceremonial Cacao: Food of the Gods, here.




All of the ceremonial cacao at Firefly naturally includes cacao butter, which is one of the highest-grade fats and is the most effective carrier of cacao’s medicinal benefits into the body. Firefly cacao is all organic, vegan, lightly toasted, paleo and keto friendly, soy free, sugar-free, gluten-free and non-GMO. They source their beans directly from indigenous farming families in Belize, Equador, Guatemala, and Tanzania. Their ceremonial cacao is grown only in the most pristine areas of the earth, often bordering extensive protected lands, so the cacao agroforestry acts as an ecologically diverse buffer to the protected lands and benefits from pure water and uncontaminated soils. The pods are hand harvested when perfectly ripe and brought to cooperatively owned artisanal fermentation facilities, where the flavor of the cacao beans develop for 5-7 days in fermentation boxes before being sun-dried (not gas dried) for one to two weeks. All of the cacao is hand sorted before being shipped to Firefly in large burlap sacks, and then hand-sorted again when it arrives at the chocolate studio. Firefly’s cacao has been lab tested for safety and meets comprehensive EU standards for the absence of heavy metals. Last but not least they have a true passion for ceremonial cacao and maintain the high healing vibration energy level of this plant medicine in tact!



Feels: Expansive, Expressive, Magical
Useful For: Meditation and Creativity
Tastes Like: Amaretto, Manchego, Nutmeg


Journey deep into personal inquiry with this magical drinking chocolate grown amidst rainforests that cover ancient Mayan pyramids. Peel back the layers of your boundless self with mediation, ritual and self inquiry as you drink this pure ceremonial cacao coming straight from three hundred indigenous Q’eqchi’ and Mopan Maya families in southern Belize.



Feels: Potent, Sensual, Heart Opening
Useful For: Emotional Support and Intimacy
Tastes Like: Rosé, Lavender, Bergamot


Take yourself on a tantric date, slowing down to savor the full experience of this sensual cacao. Find healing nourishment and support for your own heart blossoming with a full yes to your life. Whole rose petals act in high frequency synergy with our pure ceremonial cacao to connect you to the sublime joy of the present moment.  In its first three years, Kokoa Kamili farmers have received the highest prices for cacao in Tanzania. The cacao from this region is exceptional as a pure dark chocolate as it has a higher cacao butter content than average, resulting in a silky smoothness.



Feels: Focused, Clarifying, Uplifting
Useful For: Studying and Taking Action
Tastes Like: Butter, Cherry, Caramel


This first ceremonial cacao from Africa is grown amidst the laughter and close relationships of thriving village life. Amidst extensive rice and banana crops, seven hundred certified organic farmers within the biodiverse Kilombero Valley grow cacao for Kokoa Kamili, who takes utmost care to ferment and dry the cacao to exacting standards that offer the best quality on the continent. In its first three years, Kokoa Kamili farmers have received the highest prices for cacao in Tanzania. The cacao from this region is exceptional as a pure dark chocolate as it has a higher cacao butter content than average, resulting in a silky smoothness.



Feels: Calming, Nourishing, Grounding
Useful For: Immune Support and Healing
Tastes Like: Stone, Oak, Brie


Activate your highest potential and find optimal health as this deeply medicinal blend of mushrooms gives a boost to your body and spirit. Our friends in this blend include reishi, cordyceps, chaga, mesima, lion’s mane, turkey tail, maitake, shiitake, blazei, poria, agarikon, suehirotake, oyster, and true tinder polypore. We’re sure you’ll love it … the taste is more like an earthy cacao than of mushrooms! All the mushrooms are grown and processed at an organic certified farm in the USA, and for further safety tested by a third party analytical lab.



Curious about working with ceremonial cacao, but never used it before? We recommend trying all of our cacaos so that you can find your personal favorite, or to start a routine with a different type of cacao every day.

The starter kit contains 2oz samples (enough to make two drinks each) of the following varieties.


Boundless Belize 100% Cacao
Thriving Tanzania 100% Cacao
Medicinal Mushroom Super Cacao
Tantric Rose Blossom Super Cacao
Mighty Maca Drinking Chocolate (with 14% coconut sugar)


Or pick from individual 2oz samples of the ones you are most interested in. Descriptions of each variety are on the product pages linked above.

All samples include a brochure with instructions on how to make your drink. All orders come with a free 10 minute phone consultation if you would like help getting started!