Cervical De-Armoring: Unleash Trapped Negative Emotions

Cervical De-Armoring: Unleash Trapped Negative Emotions

While crystal wands can be used for conscious sacred sexual pleasure, they are also a phenomenal tool for de-armoring. Most women will come to find that when they first use their crystal wands they will feel the opposite of pleasure, instead perhaps pain or numbness. This is very common because as a woman you store all of the “bad” stuff that’s happened to you in your yoni. Hurtful comments, fear, stress, shame, guilt, anger, negative body image, abuse, trauma, etc; all of this becomes stored in the cervix. If you have ever had sex before you were relaxed and ready, had a traumatic gynecological trip, given birth, experienced sexual abuse, sexual shame or guilt, been in a traumatic romantic relationship, or sent hateful thoughts to your body; then you will benefit from de-armoring. In addition, you can carry emotions from your partner within your cervix; sex with a partner is a powerful way to express emotion, vulnerability, and intimacy but can put you at the risk to intertwine energies. A big sign of the need for vaginal de-armoring is the fear of inserting anything into your vagina. Did you have a painful first sexual experience? Did you fear using tampons as a girl? Then this is for you. De-armor is a simple but profound practice. The cervix holds the key to true connection with your sexuality but when it carries so much trauma and grief it becomes numb and reclusive. After working through this tension and pain, you will start to revitalize your most sacred center. The cervix is the gateway to your womb. In Taoism, the cervix is considered the heart-center of women. It is a portal to the womb, women’s power center. Cervical orgasm is uncommon because of all the repressed emotions, but once cervical orgasm becomes possible you will be teleported. Cervical orgasm truly unites you with your soul, your Divinity. Once you free your cervix you can access your ability to create, manifest, and be free.


1. Crystal Wand Selection:
Purchase a crystal wand, specifically a wand that is curved, a cervix stimulator so you can access your cervix head on. You can select your crystal wand based on the energetic properties you want to invite into your healing, but I suggest using Obsidian, as this is the primary crystal used for drawing out negative energy. Rose Quartz is another great choice to bring love into this exercise that may seem scary or bring up feelings of low self-worth. You can purchase your wand on my website, click here. Use coupon code ‘Madison’ and get $10 off!
2. Sacred Space:
Take the time to prepare a sacred space. Take a warm bath to relax yourself, use calming oils and/or music. Make your ritual space feel comforting, clean and special. Make sure you put a do not disturb sign on the door and carve out time to be uninterrupted. Set the mood; light candles, put fresh sheets on the bed. Make your environment cozy and inviting.
3.Release Expectations:
Expectations will always set you up for failure. Instead of jumping the gun and assuming you know what your healing process will look like, allow it to take natural form and shape organically. Healing is a process, expectations immediately take you out of receptive healing and put you into a judgment zone. With expectations, you are ready to compare, and critique yourself. Remove all goals, and love yourself despite what happens.
4. Meditate
Start simply by meditating on your sexual energy and the sacral chakra. Start slow by removing physical touch entirely and focus on energetic sensations. The subtle sexual energy inside of you may be shy, numb, or nervous to come out so take the time to first sit with these hidden sensations before coaxing them into physicality is important.
Recline completely. Bring attentive awareness to centers of sexual arousal. Breathe through any shame, guilt, or fear that comes up, as you breathe feel the tension in your sexuality release and flow calmly through the body. I encourage the flow of these subtle energies by incorporating mudras into my tantric meditation. Mudras, yoga seals in your hands, R and ancient art used by the Chinese, Buddhist, and Hindus. Yogis stimulate these energy locks in the hands to seal in energy and desired effects. There is literally a mudra for everything from digestion to cultivating Divine consciousness. Incorporating a womb or yoni mudra will enhance the connection to your creative sexual power.
Allow yourself to cry, to purge, to feel whatever arises.
5. Massage
The next step is to incorporate massage into your Tantric meditation. I recommend using a natural oil such as coconut oil. There are a lot of oils made for breast massage and yoni massage, one of my favorite is Yoni Elixir. (Also found in my Shop) This touch is intended to bring you into physical contact with your body and to induce comfort with your nudity, but there is no goal of orgasm. The touch is to bring a deeper awareness to your sexuality and body and to encourage more profound flow of this energy. Work on bringing relaxation and release to tense muscles throughout the entire body. It is important to continual implement the breath. Massage the breasts to open the heart chakra. An open and receptive heart chakra is necessary to open your womb and cervix. Your sacral space will relax once it is linked to a healthy heart chakra and receiving the love it desires. Massage your yoni, again without goal, just exploring, it reconnecting with it, instead of being ashamed or afraid of it. Breathe through discomfort that arises and allow the release of stuck emotions through the exhale. Breathe love, kindness and compassion into your body and areas that feel uncomfortable.
6. Self Pleasure
After massaging your body if you feel drawn to self-please move with this desire. To move into cervical de-armoring you want to make sure you are aroused. Arousal is important so that your yoni is welcoming the crystal and not tense or bracing. If you are resisting the wand or forcing it, this is counter-intuitive to the healing work. You want to heal through trauma not create more. However, make sure not to orgasm before a Cervical De-armoring practice.
7. De-Armor:
Gently and slowly find a spot in your yoni that is numb or painful. This could be along the vaginal wall or directly on the cervix itself. You will begin to “Yoni Map”, which means discovering where inside yourself holds areas of tension. Here comes the hard part, you want to push into the pain. Think of it like a deep tissue massage, it is slightly painful but breaking through knots and areas of tension. Your yoni is a muscle too and carries your stress just like your shoulders! This is why it is especially important for women with anxiety to practice de-armoring. Hold the spot for 1-3 minutes, and deeply breath into it. Allow whatever comes up to arise to the surface. Allow pain, anger, frustration, sadness, and any other heavy emotions to be felt. Sound all of this verbally, sounding is the process of bringing your emotions out using your voice. This is incredibly powerful to pair with vaginal de-armoring because of the intimate connection between the throat chakra and the sacral charka. Let yourself cry, scream, yell, and voice whatever you’re feeling. After the few minutes is over you can either conclude your practice or go on to find another spot.


8. Once you have concluded send love and gratitude to your body with the Ho’ponopono prayer. I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You”

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  • Annie Mitchell
    Posted at 01:51h, 19 January Reply

    Are there tips for men’s sexual health?

    Is there a tool or physical way for them to de
    Armor the pen is?

    In comparison to the female cleansing of her sacred spot what can men do to shed dead skin on the penis?

    • admin
      Posted at 02:13h, 19 January Reply

      Hi Annie!
      I’m not familiar with sacred sexual practices specific to men, but they too can benefit from this type of healing. I would google ‘Lingam Massage’, I have heard this is very healing for men! I know Beducated.com has a course on this. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Good luck with your discovery. – Madison

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