Cervical (+Vaginal) Dearmoring


Release tension from your cervix and vaginal walls to enhance pleasure and let go of negative energy that no longer serves you.


Most women will come to find that when they first use their crystal wands they will feel the opposite of pleasure, instead perhaps pain or numbness. This is very common because as a woman we store all of the “bad” stuff that’s happened to us in our yoni. Hurtful comments, fear, stress, shame, guilt, anger, negative body image, abuse, trauma, etc; all of this becomes stored in the cervix. If you have ever had sex before you were relaxed and ready, had a traumatic gynecological trip, given birth, experienced sexual abuse, sexual shame or guilt, been in a traumatic romantic relationship, or sent hateful thoughts to your body; then you will benefit from de-armoring.


In addition, you can carry emotions from your partner within your cervix; sex with a partner is a powerful way to express emotion, vulnerability, and intimacy but can put you at the risk to intertwine energies. A big sign of the need for vaginal de-armoring is the fear of inserting anything into your vagina. The cervix holds the key to true connection with your sexuality but when it carries so much trauma and grief it becomes numb and reclusive. After working through this tension and pain, you will start to revitalize your most sacred center. The cervix is the gateway to your womb. In Taoism, the cervix is considered the heart-center of women. It is a portal to the womb, women’s power center.  Once you free your cervix you can access your ability to create, manifest, and be free.


These wands have a curved shape to follow the vagina’s natural curve and a unique bulbous tip for cervical and g-spot stimulation. This shape and size has been proven to help women access more sensation in both their G-Spot and their cervix – unlocking deeper, vaginal orgasms.


Many women start their crystal dildo collection with either the rose quartz or obsidian wand as it’s not too thick and intimidating and they have an option to starting with the thicker end or the more tapered end. The glass Cervix Serpent has a long hand which can make maneuvering the wand for dearmoring easier.




Black Obsidian is the stone of releasing negative energy, clearing, grounding and protection. It’s a powerful stone for balancing and activating the Base Chakra. Great for people who have experienced any negative sexual experiences, clear out past sexual lovers or let go of emotional debris that no longer serves.


Rose Quartz is the crystal of Unconditional Love and helps to amplify feelings of love, compassion, self-care, gentleness and divine femininity.


The Cervix Serpent™ 2.0 is made of borosilicate glass and has a larger egg-shaped, serpent-like head with three ridges for G-Zone stimulation, a finer point for targeted cervical de-armoring, as well as more pronounced ribbed swirls for pleasure.