Five Ways to Practice Conscious Living

Five Ways to Practice Conscious Living

To practice Conscious Living is probably the single most important thing you can do for yourself and is the way I strive to live my life. What does that mean exactly?

Conscious Living is about being mindful and bringing a deep level awareness to ALL that you do. Instead of doing things because that’s the way they have always been done. Instead of choosing lifestyle choices that are easy. You make decisions based on what you intuitively feel is in alignment with your soul and your heart. You make choices not because someone told you to, but because you feel that it is what’s right for you.

Here are the ways I practice conscious living,

1. Do not trust blindly or make choices from a strictly logical standpoint. Intuitively tune into your body and heart, get out of your head. When you do use your head, think critically. Just because a company, corporation, or organization claims to be trustworthy and have your best interest at heart does not mean they do. Practice “feeling into” situations before deciding where to place your trust. “Feeling into” a situation entails intuitively using your gut, heart, and core being to assess the intentions of the person/group/company before you and to trust yourself above all else. Trust your gut inclinations, and your inner knowing. If you feel you need help with this I offer one on one mentorship sessions to help you learn how to develop your own innate intuitive gifts and abilities.

2. Be aware of what things are causing your spirit and energy harm. What food, media, and external stressors are here to lower your vibration? For example, living on a constant diet of news media, or consuming horror films into your psyche is not beneficial to your energy.  Watch harmful ingredients in your food, water, and cosmetics ( , link is case sensitive) Which people in your life are draining your lifeforce with negativity or manipulation? Which people seem to only want to use you and bring you down. Consider releasing friends whose presence is harmful to your spirit. This does not mean you judge them but that you are simply discerning what is right for your energy field. What are you consuming that is causing you harm? Again, remember just because someone says it is safe or helpful does not mean that it is, consciously become aware of all the repercussions of anything you consume, inject into your body, or absorb into your energy. Whether it be entertainment, people, food, drink, cosmetics, or medicine. (I believe Western medicine has its purpose and is very healing and helpful when used properly, feel into your choices to make sure you are making balanced decisions that support you instead of creating dependencies. Even natural medicine can be used as a crutch.)

3. Pray. Consistently ask for Divine Intervention. Due to free will, your angels and guides can only interact on your behalf if you ask them too. Pray for the highest good of all concerned, pray for what you want, ask for help in any way that you need it. Ask your Ascended Masters, guides, angels, and God to intervene on your behalf regularly. Ask them to help you keep your actions, thoughts, and emotions in alignment with your soul.

4. Incorporate other spiritual staples into your life such as meditation, breathwork, healing ritual, journaling, yoga, regular energy cleansing, and/or more. Work at keeping your spiritual, physical, emotional and mental bodies united with your Higher Self. Especially during this time of great awakening and massive transition into the Golden Age. This is why  I felt called to create the Radiant Soul community with weekly content intended to help you elevate your consciousness and more easily connect with your own intuitive ,guiding Light. Stay tuned, my next email will be informing you that registration for this new VIP community has launched!

5. Lastly but most importantly, live in the consciousness of Love. Love is not an emotion it is a consciousness; it is a way of living and making choices. There are only two motivating forces of consciousness in this world, Love and Fear. Striving to live in Love over Fear is the truest embodiment of Conscious Living. This means love for yourself and others. Compassion for yourself and others. Living in Grace and surrendering to the Divine plan laid out for us all. While discerning to live consciously remember that to live in Love also means removing judgment for others. Everyone has their own individual path to awakening and no one is right and no one is wrong. Remove judgment, extended forgiveness and live in Love.

Madison Rosenberger
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