How you Can Personally Quell Hurricane Irma (or any storm!)

How you Can Personally Quell Hurricane Irma (or any storm!)

There are two motivating forces in the Universe, Love and Fear. Not to be confused with Good and Evil, Right and Wrong or Black and White.

Our mission as humans is to live from Love. Love for ourselves and Love for others. This Love is not one in the same with romantic love or infatuation. This Love is a pure crystalline energy, a vibration that lives at your core, this Love resides in the same frequency that your soul-self originated from. Once we embody this Love fully we will be able to ascend as a collective.

The weather of the planet directly mirrors the emotions of our society. It is not coincidence or irony that stormy rain feels melancholic and that sunshine feels optimistic.

These intense hurricanes are mirroring all the fear that is circulating in our society and can be quelled by making a conscious choice to align with Love. By starting with yourself you can calmly, quietly, and subconsciously influence those around you to do the same. You can be the pebble that’s dropped in the eye of the hurricane and creates ripples of Love from the inside out to quell the entire storm.

Aligning with Love looks like:

  • Finding gratitude in unexpected places. I am so grateful to this storm because it has encouraged me to address my fear and shift it. It has also encouraged me to organize all my important documents! 😉
  • Dropping judgment of yourself and others. Shadow is a part of the Light, they are two halves of the same whole. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. Everything is simply, what is
  • Let Go and Let God. Going with the flow means you trust in Love and release Fear of the unknown. Practice Faith and belief that EVERYTHING that happens is ultimately for your highest good.
  • Calm. The Power of Love is not always in action but in stillness. The embodiment of Love is confident and Christ-like. Think of who Jesus moved mountains through steady peace
  • Avoiding Media. Fear is generated and cycled through outlets such as the news and social media
  • Creativity. Allowing creative forces to move through you awakens your soul and aligns your energy with your true self, the self that comes purely from Love.
  • Doing things that light you up. Combat any fear-based thoughts by replacing them with things you love to do. Cuddle, play, laugh, and have fun!
  • Don’t fear the Fear. Fear doesn’t have power over you unless you give it power. It’s okay to feel the fear, fear is a part of life. If you try to avoid and repress your feelings of fear, you are letting it win.

Aligning with Fear looks like:

  • Control. Trying to force the outcome and resist the flow of life.
  • Blame. Putting the blame on others is simply a way to deflect from feelings of unworthiness. Lack of self-love keeps you from honoring your truth and forces you to find blame in others instead.
  • Sympathy. Sympathy and pity are fear energy and generate more of the same low vibrations. Send Love instead!
  • Worry. Worry can become a prayer that manifests that which you worry about. And as Newt Scamander said “My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.” 
  • Judgment. It does not matter if what you are judging is labeled as “wrong”, judgment still resides in an energy of fear. We are all on our own paths and condemning others helps no one.
  • Expectations. By placing expectations on yourself and others you are assuming you know what is best and aren’t putting your trust in the Divine Plan.

How to send love to the storm to balance out all the fear. (You can follow along with the Guided Meditation Video below)

Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed

Close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Take 5 deep breaths.

Envision something that makes you blissfully happy and makes love bubble to the surface. (I see my dog!)

Once you have this feeling in your heart inhale into it and as you exhale feel it wash over your body.

Now hold your hands out in front of you like you are holding a ball

On your next inhale send the Love feeling into your hands and imagine a ball of your color choice and watch it begin to grow.

Once you feel ready, envision throwing this ball to the hurricane and see what it does. It may be sucked right into the center of the hurricane heart or it could grow to be twice the size of the hurricane and engulf it entirely.

Stay with this visualization for at least 5 minutes and repeat as often as you feel compelled

If you feel the fear being generated by the hurricane turn to love and send it to the storms.

Madison Rosenberger
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