In or Out of Alignment

In or Out of Alignment

I want to take the moment to talk about alignment. Last week during a deep conversation my mentor said to me, “Its not wrong it is just out of alignment”. Ding! Ding! Ding!

Woa, yea so true.

It is a concept I originally learned from my yoga mentor Leslie Arboleda but had since forgotten.

There is no right, and there is no wrong.

I know that can be a hard statement to swallow, but its true. Life is not black and white, life is grey and blue, and green and red and yellow.  We are not doing bad things or good things, we are either aligning with our true Self or we aren’t. When we are in alignment with our authentic Self the world just feels right. If something doesn’t sit right with your heart it doesn’t matter how right it sounds, if it doesn’t feel right, then its not for you.

When you are in alignment it will just resonate with you. It feels like ahhhh yea, that’s so bloody good. (Look at me using aussie lingo!)

So what does alignment actually mean?

A – lign – ment (n) a position of agreement or alliance.

I see coming into alignment as being in allegiance with yourSelf. madison with a little ‘m’ is my egoSelf, she tells me that I’m not enough, I’m not worthy, she’s my Gremlin. As we discussed a couple months ago, when I tame my Gremlin I’m stepping into Madison with a big ‘M’ she knows that ultimately I am a kind caring person who never does anything out of harm.

When  I step into alignment with myself I am listening to big ‘M’, I am becoming my higherSelf who trusts the Universe, who knows what to do when little ‘m’ is panicking.

I envision stepping into a beam of light. Right now I want you to close your eyes and right in the spot between your eyebrows see a beam of bright white light shooting up to the heavens. When you are talking with little ‘m’ you are walking around this beam of light, pacing in circles. When you take a second to sidestep into the beam of light and breathe, the world stops. It only takes one second. You can feel the shift, listen to the world sigh out. Follow the flow of this energy.

We speak of the stars aligning, our body’s alignment in yoga, what about aligning to a higher energy? A calmer, quitter, surer, you!

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