Introducing Lavender Mat Yoga

Introducing Lavender Mat Yoga

I returned to school again this Fall, I am working to further my writing career and studying to receive my Masters in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Being back in school has me reflecting on my college life (which is where I first discovered yoga for the first time when I was 19.)

In retrospect, do you know what I loved the most about being in college?

In your adult life, the first questions people ask upon meeting you consist of questions to measure how successful you are…

“What do you do for a living, and how long have you been doing it?” “Are you married?” “Children?”, etc.

In college, when you are 19, these questions don’t exist. For the most part, you are all on the same playing field. Most of you don’t know what you want in life and you don’t quiz each other about it.  
You aren’t busy making plans yet

Did you know that we are the only species that has the mental capacity to plan? Your dog doesn’t plan out what he’s having for dinner, he simply stays present until 6 pm hits and then looks at you with expectant eyes.

In truth, it’s your ability to plan that causes you the most distress.

 It is the human function that rips you out of the present moment. The saying, Man Plans, God Laughs, is a reminder that planning doesn’t ever really help you the way you think it does.

When I look at my 10-year relationship with yoga I know what keeps me coming back time and time again is yoga’s ability to keep me on my mat. What I mean by this is that when I am on my mat I am entirely present. When you are on your mat you are not planning. You are following a moment to moment flow of poses and connecting to your breath, which anchors you in the now. This presence is what makes yoga so incredibly freeing. This is the energy and healing power I wish to impart to my students when I teach yoga. It is this total embodiment of the present moment that creates peace, ease, and healing in your life. 

This is why I created a new brand, Lavender Mat!

The Lavender Mat is a sacred place to retreat to when life won’t stop spinning. Your Lavender Mat denotes a place of transmutation, calm, and ease; and you can take this with you anywhere.

Come to your Lavender Mat to clear, ground, and release. Lavender has the peaceful connotation of both the fragrant flower it is named after as well as the restorative power of the sacred Violet Flame. These two elements are guiding forces behind holistic, spiritual wellness. Lavender Mat Yoga focuses on incorporating all aspects of a full yoga practice; including, breath, meditation, and spiritual teachings in addition to asana.

Lavender Mat Yoga concentrates on bringing healing to students through intimidation-free and accessible classes for any level of yogi, including complete first-timers.

At Lavender Mat I teach Intuitive Yoga…

Intuitive Yoga is a spiritually based yoga class where I use my gifts as a channel and an intuitive empath to create an impromptu custom-made sequence. I energetically tap into the students in the room and sense what would most benefit the collective group at that time. My ability to intuitively deduce the energy of my class allows me to provide a yoga practice tailored to their specific needs. This results in a different theme and purpose for each class. This style of teaching is intended to help you heal on a deep profound mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level.


This class is for those who are new to yoga, anyone who would like to move slower and more mindfully, or experienced practitioners who would like to focus on refining their alignment.

In every class, you will be taught fundamentals. Often, during group classes, poses are called out like instructions in a game of Simon Says instead of being broken down, illustrated and taught with proper form. When yoga poses are instructed without foundational lessons it puts the student in danger of hurting themselves. All too often, yoga is led too fast, with no option for modification, dangerous transitions, and no alignment adjustment. In this class, you will learn the process of proper alignment at a speed where you can digest and retain the information. 

I am incredibly passionate about teaching others how to keep their bodies safe during yoga. In this class, you will build your confidence, knowledge, and develop a strong foundation and understanding of yoga.

These are small classes that give me the ability as a teacher to give each student in class more focused attention. My classes are a judgment and intimidation free space for you to learn how to practice yoga.

Madison Rosenberger
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