Intuitive Yoga for Beginners

*Madison is a 500 Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 E-RYT and an Yoga Alliance Countined Education Provider.  For details about her training and certifications click here.

These are intuitively guided classes for beginners held with the intention of providing students with detailed knowledge of how to practice yoga safely while promoting physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

What is Intuitive Yoga?

A spiritually based yoga class where I use my gifts as a channel and an intuitive empath to create an impromptu custom-made sequence. I energetically tap into the students in the room and sense what would most benefit the collective group at that time. My ability to intuitively deduce the energy of my class allows me to provide a yoga practice tailored to their specific needs. This results in a different theme and purpose for each class. This style of teaching is intended to hep you heal on a deep profound mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level.



What to expect from a beginner class…

This class is for those who are new to yoga, anyone who would like to move slower and more mindfully, or experienced practioners who would like to focus on refining their alignment.


In every class, you will be taught fundamentals. Often, during group classes, poses are called out like instructions in a game of Simon Says instead of being broken down, illustrated and taught with proper form. When yoga poses are instructed without foundational lessons it puts the student in danger of hurting themselves. All too often, yoga is led too fast, with no option for modification, dangerous transitions, and no alignment adjustment. In this class you will learn the process of proper alignment at a speed where you can digest and retain the information. 


I am incredibly passionate about teaching others how to keep their bodies safe during yoga. In this class you will build your confidence, knowledge and develop a strong foundation and understanding of yoga.


These are small classes which give me the ability as teacher to give each student in class more focused attention. My classes are a judgement and intimidation free space for you to learn how to practice yoga. If I can give you an ounce of the goodness yoga has given me then I consider my job well done.

Madison Rosenberger - Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor, Yoga Teacher in Charleston South Carolina


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Regular Pricing


seating is limited and tickets are non-refundable


 *Pre-registration is required – all classes are held at Elemental Healing, 5200 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC

March 31st, 2020, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

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April 18th, 2020, 11:00am – 12:00pm

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See What My Students Are Saying…

I have taken yoga classes from multiples instructors and Madison’s teaching style is exceptionally calming and encouraging. She is very helpful to step through poses, showing the “correct” form. I’ve be able to correct my form on several poses which always felt a bit “off” for me. Now I know why….I wasn’t using proper technique!  Thanks Madison!

Bridget Deschaine

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Excellent location and teaching with patience and education. NO intimidation for those just wanting to try. I felt in no way out of place and have done yoga 3 times in my life!

 Donna Recupido

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Madison does a great job supprting each individual in their practice and helping them get where they want to go. She makes everyone feel comfortable enough to get out of that comfrot zone AND manages to weave in some life lessons here ane there.

Brooke Sunding

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Really impressed for a first time go-er. I felt welcomed and at ease during practice, counteracting when I was full of anxiety on the drive to the gathering. This class was astonishing, exactly what I needed for the week ahead. It gave me such power in the midst of quiet. It opened my eyes to how I need to slow down, meet up with my soul, and make peace. I will totally be attending for many further practices.

Madison Cantrell

Charleston, South Carolina

Madison has helped me tremendously through her private yoga instruction.  As an athlete, I have had many injuries in the past, and she has been instrumental in helping me improve my flexibility and mobility.  As a doctor, I fully endorse her and her skills as an instructor.  Not only does she know her material She has a wonderful gift in the way she teaches, and empowers her students each and every session.  I highly recommend her to people of all abilities, from beginner to advanced.

Dr. Michael Batla, D.C.

Charleston, South Carolina

I took Madison’s class while on a vacation in Charleston. Coming from New York City where yoga is as common as eating out, I have participated in many different types of yoga classes and have been led by a wide variety of instructors. Madison’s class was the best yoga class I have ever experienced. From the very beginning of the class, I felt completely comfortable and at ease. Madison’s instruction style makes her approachable and relatable. She explains the reasoning behind each movement (pose), allowing her students to become informed and knowledgeable about yoga and its effect on our bodies. Her friendliness, professional manner, and knowledge behind what she teaches make her class a one-of a kind experience which builds self-confidence, positive energy, and is a ton of fun!

Alexandra Bicklemann

New York, New York

Madison is a wonderful, thorough, yoga instructor. Although I have taken yoga classes numerous times, each time with Madison I learn something new.  She is really great at making sure her students use correct form, and to do poses slowly to improve balance.  I highly recommend Madison, and especially enjoy her spiritual sayings at the end of each session.

Susan Batla

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

I have felt a sense of emotional healing since attending your blue moon yoga session and I would love to take classes with you regularly, if that’s possible. You’re great at what you do. And from the depth of my being, thank you for what you do. The universe always delivers what’s necessary with impeccable timing, and I’m grateful I was able to re-introduce yoga into my life with that session.

Cara Michelle

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

It’s good for the soul. Madison is very intuitive, sensitive, and all around a great yoga instructor!

Sharon Leiby

Charleston, South Carolina