Kind Words

I am so grateful for these words of high praise
from my wonderful clients

After just one session with Madison I was able to tap into blockages that I didn’t even know were there and begin the process of clearing them. Clearing the things that came up in our session continues to shape my life on a deep, deep level. I have an intimacy and connection with my husband that I didn’t even realize I was missing. I have a strength and confidence in myself that I had been lacking for a very long time. The clarity that has come out of our time together is something that I will continue to build on for a very long time.

Madison’s connection to the Divine is so pure and supportive that while in her presence you feel completely safe to explore all sides of yourself. Her energy is like a giant hug, which is extremely helpful when you’re diving as deep into yourself as you do with her. She is one of the most loving, supportive, and kind people I have had the pleasure of interacting with.

Madison gave me permission to take my own power back. She entrusted me and empowered me to be able to heal myself. She provided the space for me to recognize the strength and power that I have, so that I could do exactly what it is I needed to do for myself. I don’t know that there’s much that’s more powerful than that.

Her energy is so safe and supportive and loving. She is able to tune in and know exactly what type of energy you need to help you move through something, whether it’s calm and quiet energy, or powerful and strong energy.

I am integrating what I’ve learned on a daily basis. Every time I feel overwhelmed or a lack of self-worth, I tune back into the power that I felt when I first implemented the lessons learned from my session with Madison. I feel so empowered and clear about who I am now.


Lawrence, Kansas

In a world full of practitioners touting sacred sexual intuitive abilities/services, Madison stands out from the pack. She has helped me integrate the fact that sacred sexual healing is essential work to heal ourselves and in turn, heal the planet. She has taught me that the sacred energy of my womb is where it starts.
My healing accelerated immensely once I followed her guidance and connected to my sacral and womb space. She has shown me that as humans we are given a unique gift to love ourselves through self-pleasure and tremendous healing arises from expressing and practicing this. I now really understand that the shame and guilt that has been placed on women and on the topic of sex is pervasive, so healing this starts right here with your own body, one woman (and man!) at a time. The pleasure we give ourselves is synonymous with self-love. This (the womb/sacral/sexual energy) is where it starts. Love yourself through (through self-pleasure and integrating with the heart space,) then love the world. Madison has given me all of this and so much more.
Her energy is magnetic, refreshing and pure. I have been working with her for years and she has never steered me wrong. In fact, the more I listen to and tap into her guidance, the more my life seems to flow in the right direction. She encourages me to tap back into what my soul already knows and follow the guidance I am given.

Madison’s talent and abilities are completely authentic. I feel that she truly wants to use her gifts to make positive changes in this world, which is comforting. She gave me insight and divine perspective.


Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Where do I begin?

This woman has changed my life.

I found Madison during a dark time in my life. I had no purpose and no idea of who I was or how to begin my healing journey. Our first session was magical. I felt instantly connected to Madison and could feel the love, compassion, and understanding radiating off of her. It felt like a nice long chat with an old friend and I am forever thankful for her healing energy and support. The overall experience was incredible and brought so much clarity and peace inside of me. With Madison it was the first time I didn’t feel afraid to express my feelings, to be true to who I am, and to ask the hard questions.

Since our first meeting I have learned so much about myself and the limiting beliefs that have held me back from being connected to my Highest Self. I have learned to establish a relationship with myself, extend love and compassion to myself and others, and voice the truths that are in my heart and soul without fear or judgment. I hope that Madison will always be a part of my life and journey here on this Earth because it is through her and our sessions that I now have this sense of purpose, self-love, and determination to help and heal others.

I cannot express the gratitude I have towards her and our sessions. Her energy is so bright, compassionate, warm, and loving. I aspire to project that energy not only to others but, myself. I am so thankful and lucky to have Madison as my mentor. Her love and support has brought so much clarity and reassurance into my own life. I am so proud of my growth and journey, this is just the beginning and I thank Madison for getting me jumpstarted on this path of life! Life is so much bigger than the physical, the materialistic. It is about connecting with your Higher Self and honoring who you are as a spiritual and physical individual.

If you are lost and looking for some hardcore spiritual guidance, Madison is your girl!  I will never be able to say thank you enough to her for all of the love, healing, and wisdom she has instilled in me!


Haverhill, Massachusetts 

Working with Madison has been incredibly rewarding in ways that I never could have expected. She is incredibly skilled at sensing where you are in your journey and meeting you there to guide you. The love and support she shares in her sessions are seeds that go on to grow and grow. In our time together, I felt myself develop trust, peacefulness, and a sense of empowerment that has immeasurably enriched my life. I have discovered so much positivity that I was missing and it has opened my mind and heart.

I loved how she encouraged me choose the direction of our work and helped me tap into my own gifts. Sometimes we worked through some difficult issues, and I always felt that she was gentle and caring and respectful.

The most powerful skill that Madison helped me develop was Meditation and the ability to ground and be present. The first time I ever tried meditation was with her guidance and it was like an incredible magical world was revealed to me.

I loved Madison’s take-home suggestions because they allow me to manifest spirituality in my everyday life. She helped me create rituals and habits that keep me feeling supported and empowered, especially in stressful times. Most of all, she reminded me to always honor myself and show myself compassion first. I’ve learned to trust my intuition and to trust that the Universe is conspiring in my favor.

Madison is gentle in approach and fierce in substance. She openly bares her soft spots and it only makes her more resilient. And that is a superpower that she is willing to help us all discover in ourselves. It’s incredibly inspiring and encouraging to learn from someone who is so open about their own journey and living so authentically.


Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

My sessions with Madison have altered my life path in so many beautiful ways. I have found new confidence in myself. My life has completely changed. I now feel confident to pursue what I always wanted to but was always too anxious to even approach. Without Madison, I can only imagine how lost I would feel. I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of in making a difference in this world. I truly feel I was destined to meet Madison and work with her. I love how open I can be with her and how validated I felt in all my feelings and thoughts after speaking with her. I always felt lighter and supported after each session.

There is so much to learn in every session and encounter you have with Madison. Whether it be angels, guides, crystals etc… everything literally IS magical. It has sparked my interest in the spiritual healing realm, and am excited to continue learning from Madison. Her energy is pure goodness, love, comfort, and support. My favorite thing about Madison is her genuine desire and capability to help you. She is extremely good at what she does. She hears you and feels what you feel. She wants to be there for you and a part of your journey. I never expected to gain one of the most impactful and talented mentors when I walked through her door that first session but I couldn’t have been more blessed and grateful. Even 2 years later we talk regularly and have sessions.


Charleston, South Carolina

Madison made me feel so welcomed and comfortable from the second she opened her door to me. Needing some fresh perspective and a validation of my feelings, I left Madison’s feeling reconnected to my spiritual practice and much more at peace. Prior to our session, I held a meditation and intention session focusing on what I wanted to get out of our meeting. The three main themes I journaled about were addressed and brought up by Madison while working through some questions prior to me even bringing them up. It is always magical meeting someone and connecting spiritually with in a positive, gratuitous way. Madison has a unique communication style that I really appreciated. Her kind-hearted nature showed me I needed to be kinder to myself, which is something I’ve heard from close friends and family, but certainly hit home hearing it from someone I had just met. She also provided great book suggestions for me which were really helpful. The book suggestions Madison gave me supplied me with the guidelines of how to set boundaries for myself. Madison is a light, positive, and down-to-earth spirit who is able to relay information and perspective in a kind, relatable way. I so look forward to continue working with her in the future.


Charleston, South Carolina

Madison has helped me so much in getting past a point where I felt like I was “stuck”. Spirituality is very new to me and it comforts me so much to find there are alternative ways to tackle any issue I have to face, especially in the issues I felt like I hit a brick wall with.

Sound healing is brand new to me as a performer, music has been a large part of my life so I know of and believe in the healing power of music and sound and it was amazing to see her work this into her sessions. Through all forms of sessions I’ve done with Madison, I’ve felt the loving emotional support as you would with a phenomenal therapist.

The session was incredibly relaxing, but not passive. I could feel the energy and knew that something good was being done. After the session I felt like I’d just had a full 8 hours of sleep. The following day I felt physically better than I have in months. I was more energized, my spine felt aligned (an issue I deal with regularly) and more emotionally open.

It was such a unique experience and as with all of her sessions was customized to my particular needs.

Afterwards Madison explained some of the things she picked up on during our session and provided insight on things to continue working on which is incredibly helpful so that I may continue healing beyond our time together.

Her energy is so comforting, calming, loving and understanding. I’m completely at ease when working with her. It often feels like a friend helping work out your problems rather than going to a “session.” The combination of experiences with her has broadened my mind to see the possibilities beyond just what’s black and white. I know now that I can heal the parts of myself that I’ve struggled with for years that I’m ready to leave behind and become the best version of me. Madison’s kindness and positive energy is absolutely contagious!


Charleston, South Carolina

Madison really opened up my eyes. She made me realize things that I may have known, yet never acted on, and how important it was to act on those issues. It was like she spoke right to a part of me that woke up when I began the sessions with her. My outlook after my sessions with her have been much brighter and have shown me steps I would benefit from taking in the future.

The aspects I loved the most were how she pieced together my thoughts and feelings with the information she collected from the beyond. This helped me realized that somethings are out of my control, and somethings are completely in my control to work through. I love the clarity I gained.

The most insightful thing I took away from my session is when she brought up my past lives. When she told me the struggles I went through in a past life, and how they carried on into this life, it was a revelation , because I was able to understand myself on a deeper level. That was pretty magical for me. I’ve already felt my heart chakra open up, I’ve seen it in action even. I’m more open with myself, and it reflects in my relationships with others. I’m able to have closer relationships with others based off the comfort I felt with myself after the sessions. My favorite thing about Madison is how gentle and intuitive her spirit is. She is delicate and careful with her words so that she always remains respectful. Her energy is so light, yet very strong. That inspires me to be more of myself, and not worry about what others think. She is so nurturing and inspires me to be more calm with my thoughts and actions.


Charleston, South Carolina

Madison is a beautiful soul! She has a calm energy to her that denotes lifetimes of experience and yet a vibrant light shines from her showing her eternal youth and energy, ready to serve and help all that come to her hand!

I booked a session with Madison and she was eager and kind to answer all of my questions and queries, showing that I was very worthy of her time. She was very upfront about the process and was willing to explain how it all works.

I am so grateful to her for helping me understand where my weaknesses of this lifetime come from, as well as steps I can take to progress from my past. Madison provided so many answers which I can take and embrace each new day, excited to step into who I am becoming and who I am meant to be. This reading and experience was truly life changing!


Los Angeles, California

I had a good little cry while reading Madison’s beautiful PDF. The information is very special to me. Incite into a difficult situation that I was not able to tap into on my own.

I felt like I had received incite from a good friend. Someone who understands me, my current situation and offered clear advice without bias or judgment.

I feel as humans, we are trained to think, plan and analyze. And to do the right thing, not just for ourselves but also for those around us. At times it feels impossible to relax my logical mind and allow intuition to come through. Like my survival depends on it. This reading from Madison has given me much to ponder and put into practice. A gentle nudge in the right direction.

This reading has warmed my heart, reassured me that I’m loved and guided and has shaped my views moving forward.


Peace River, Alberta, Canada

I was lucky enough to have my Records opened and read by Madison. In conjunction with the Akashic Records and her highly intuitive abilities, she also felt called to pull Tarot, which was absolutely brilliant. I resonated deeply with each message delivered – some were definite validations of previous readings I’ve had as well. Information revealed about my past lives provided powerful insights and guidance into maximizing life in my current incarnation. I cannot recommend this offering enough to those who are ready and willing to dive deep in time, uncover old wounds and commit to the inner-work that will heal present-day blockages.

I also was lucky enough to have Madison as my yoga teacher. Having Madison right there with you for individualized support is a gift in itself – she truly is an amazing yogi and knows exactly what to look for on the mat, and on screen.It felt like she was right there with me in my living room: instructing, guiding, and correcting my poses!

A very special aspect of my yoga session with Madison was something I had not received before –  a customized yoga sequence designed specifically for me. Prior to pulling out the mat, my needs were expressed and she intuitively pieced together perfect yoga medicine that nurtured exactly what my spirit yearned for. Each pose was broken down step by step and the flow became my own to practice. Through carefully thought out movements and poses, Madison prepared me to work on my own meaningful practice to heal and empower myself again.


Toronto, Canada

Madison has had such a positive impact on my life!! I feel as if Madison has awakened my spirit! Yoga with Madison has helped me grow in body, mind, and spirit!! I LOVE the personal touch of private yoga with Madison. Every class was designed around my personal needs! Madison is so talented that she intuitively would know exactly what I needed to hear, or what part of my body needed special attention! I feel as if I have had a spiritual awakening! I have learned so much from Madison! She truly has healing hands and heart! I now practice the yoga and meditation that I learned from Madison at least 3 to 4 times a week! I am reading new books recommend from Madison and growing greatly on both a physical and spiritual level! Madison is such a positive person! She just makes me feel better when I am around her! Her positive energy makes you start to feel more positive and just have such great energy! She is just an amazing teacher!


James Island, South Carolina

When I very first met Madison at a health event in Charleston, SC I was very lost and confused on my path in life. I sat down for a reading with her eager to hear what she had to say to me. First words out of her mouth when she looked at me were “ do you every think about wanting  to work with children?” I replied “ yes everyday”  she then said “ yes do that ! That is what you are meant to do”

Fast forward I am currently a certified children’s yoga teacher and own my own children’s yoga studio!

Madison enlightened me to see further into my own personal power and how to take care of my overall well being .

What I loved most of all is how comfortable it was to talk to her but also lovely uncomfortable because she helped me to step out of my comfort zone in different ways.

The most wonderful thing I took away from our session was the powerful meditations and prayers and advice to just ‘Stop trying” It is okay to put the to do list away and let things go. I need to trust in my inner guides and believe everything I need is inside of me already.

I’m doing my clearing prayers morning and night to clear any unwanted energy in my life. I’m able to look at some situations in a more loving light and my meditation practice has improved.

Madison is very sweet and loving. She is eager to help you learn more about yourself and explains what you don’t know or can’t see in a very kind way.


Provincetown, Massachusetts 

My sessions with Madison have helped me to have a better understanding of myself and my feelings. Each time I’ve gotten a card reading from Madison I have had the thought “that’s exactly it!” Something I couldn’t put into words before or some feeling I couldn’t find the right way to express and she nailed it on the head. This has helped me to be able to better identify situations and feelings in my life, react to them, and use them to help me be a better person

I love the flexibility of it. I work nights and being able to request a reading and have it emailed to me works perfectly with my schedule. I also love that I can ask questions or make comments and know that I’ll get a timely response

My most recent 3 card reading told me some things about myself I’d been subconsciously avoiding. The cards and Madison’s explanation helped to highlight that my head and heart aren’t in the same place right now and she gave me some good ideas of how to help bring them together with meditation and letter burning. There is a special kind of spiritual or magical release in doing these things that have helped significantly.

I have learned is how to better protect my energy and not let others influence it as much. This has greatly helped my moods and connections with others. Also knowing when to just take a moment and breathe if I’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just suddenly in a bad mood when I wasn’t just moments before. Re-centering has made a tremendous difference in my life

My favorite thing is how open and honest she is. She is so in tune with feelings of others that it doesn’t take much if any explanation for her to know how/what you’re feeling. Her energy is calming and contagious, which I love because it helps me to be calmer too. I have really grown as a person by knowing her and following her guidance.


Raliegh, North Carolina

I cannot recommend Madison’s Lightworkers Oracle Card Readings highly enough. The reading was straight to the point, truly insightful & in depth. I felt Madison could really ‘see’ me to the depths of my Soul. Her guidance through the Oracle helped me immensely through an emotionally difficult time.

I loved how I was seen on such a deep level, & I felt safe to share my deepest truths.

This reading reminded me to keep trusting in the Divine Plan and my own intuition. Madison’s insights were confirming of how I was feeling about the situation.

It all comes back to trust. When I fall out of it, I quickly remind myself of what the Oracle revealed.

I loved Madison’s ability to create a love filled safe space and to really connect with me on my deepest level. Madison actually inspired me to look into how I create a safe & loving space for my own clients and also on a personal level to trust more in my own intuitive abilities & my power. Thank you Madison!


Chinderah, New South Wales, Australia

I have been doing sessions for a few months now with Madison and I am completely blown away every time I talk to her. She is hands down the best empath I have talked to. Very knowledgeable on chakra healing which has helped me tremendously in my everyday life. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for some balance and positivity in their life!

In the beginning, I felt very low about myself and wasn’t really vibrating. Through my transformation from sessions, I take the guidance that Madison gives to me and incorporate it into my daily life. In doing that little by little I gained a greater self-confidence and happier disposition. I feel lighter spiritually because I have acknowledged baggage that I’ve been carrying around and finally took the time to unpack it!

I feel a huge shift in my energy! I think the biggest realization that I’ve had is to feel the energy that is around me or I’m putting off. I have become more aware of the power of energy. Energy healing is something I truly believe in and swear by. I’ve felt a smooth movement of energy flowing through me over time since I’ve been doing these sessions with Madison.

I recognize my self more and the movement I’ve been making. It’s a liberating feeling to be able to get myself on a path with positive momentum behind me.


Charlotte, North Carolina

My time with Madison was so helpful and nourishing to my soul. Our work helps clarify my next steps and has provided both empathy in my journey and practical steps for moving forward in my growth. I really appreciate Madison’s positive, encouraging style and helpful insights. It is clear she wants the best for me. The most powerful insight I took away from our session was how to care for myself and to think about my journey from a positive lens. I am adding more intentional meditation to my and learning to surrender. Madison is gentle, helpful, and insightful. She offers direction that is practical and positive.


Daniel Island, South Carolina

Ok, Miss Madison. You have done it again. Our session was incredible. In a light-hearted, supportive way, you uncovered the sweet truth of what makes me feel alive, loved, and free. It was like swimming in beautiful aqua water as the messages and insights floated in and lovingly supported and lifted me.

Your intuitive insights spoke to my heart: Yes, you are this… Yes, you feel that… Yes, you are to care for yourself by doing this… Practical in application, yet lovingly spoken, your insights of what I need to do are not only spot-on, but manageable and positive.

It is extraordinary how you pull in such deep, supportive and timely information!

I have read and re-read my notes from your reading several times, keeping them by my bedside. As I pull in the truth of your messages, I feel stronger, I feel valuable, and I feel understood. I am motivated to live my life with even more strength and authenticity.

You are incredibly talented, Madison, and I am so glad to have you as a source of support and intuitive guidance.


Fort Collins, Colorado

I had been praying for my dog Lexi. We recently moved and her world had been turned upside down and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. I was praying for guidance to figure out what’s been going on and what I need to do to help her.

I asked around seeking help and was referred to Madison an amazingly loving human being who God has gifted with the ability to communicate with animals!

Lexi went to the vet on tuesday, the vet said everything was fine, she has blood tests and everything. As soon as my reading started with Madison she picked up on the fact that she had a bladder infection. I just got back from the vet today and she confirmed she had a bladder infection!!! I feel so blessed and wanted to share with you!!

It’s so hard to know what’s wrong with our fur babies and all of the things she told me about Lexi rang so true and I actually feel like I can help her now. She gave a voice to Lexi and now I know what she needs.


Houston, Texas

From the moment I met Madison, it was as if I connected with an old friend. She engages completely and connects in ways that relate to what you need to work on at the time. She builds your confidence in a way that you can integrate into your life.

Since my session with Madison I have been able to trust my intuition much more! All of the verification I was given during my sessions has built my confidence. It allows me to analyze the occasional doubt that comes up from a disconnected viewpoint, so I can make an informed decision and react appropriately, not emotionally.

The thing I loved the most about working with Madison was gaining insight through friendly chats. The personal connection made it feel comfortable, not business-like. She taught me That I need to trust that I already have a connection to my guides, I just need to accept the information I feel is correct. Since our work together, I am more aware of my intuition and don’t discard it as “my imagination”. I highly recommend a session with Madison!


Chewelah, Washington

OMG, where to start?! Madison’s gifts are amazing. Her energy is amazing. The session was amazing.

I absolutely loved the direct information that came through, I’m a Healer and can tell I calibrated to a whole new level literally overnight. I received lots of immediate self-care, integrated prayers and released past “stuff.” Madison ROCKS on all levels.

The info she shared is going to have a tremendous impact on my life and my Gifts. It’s that brilliant. Complete and Total Awesome Sauce. I beyond recommend doing a session with Madison!!!


Williston, Vermont

Madison is a clear and direct channel for cosmic intelligence. Her ability to connect with the multidimensional world is seamless, and she fluidly navigates between that world and the grounded, practical world of the physical reality. She creates a strong energetic container, and I feel safe to explore every time we work together.

Her guidance is clear, and she has an ability to pull things together at a high level and explain everything in a way that makes sense. Working with Madison has helped me move forward with clarity in so many important areas in my life.


Maui, Hawaii

“OH MY GOD! I can’t even form words. Your reading was just WOWOWOWOW!!! Like seriously every single thing you have mentioned is spot on, your reading today confirmed everything that is going on in my life and knowing I have made the right decision. So thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for being the final kick up the butt and spiritual hug from the universe. You have no idea how divine your timing was with the reading and I just cannot get over the fact of how much an amazing reading and reader you are. <3

Thank you more than all the stars in the sky.”


Wollongong, Australia

I have taken yoga classes from multiples instructors and Madison’s teaching style is exceptionally calming and encouraging. She is very helpful to step through poses, showing the “correct” form. I’ve be able to correct my form on several poses which always felt a bit “off” for me. Now I know why….I wasn’t using proper technique!  Thanks Madison!


Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Madison has helped me tremendously through her private yoga instruction.  As an athlete, I have had many injuries in the past, and she has been instrumental in helping me improve my flexibility and mobility.  As a doctor, I fully endorse her and her skills as an instructor.  Not only does she know her material She has a wonderful gift in the way she teaches, and empowers her students each and every session.  I highly recommend her to people of all abilities, from beginner to advanced.


Charleston, South Carolina

The session I had with Madison was exactly what my soul needed to hear. Madison’s approach to the reading and her energy at the start was calm and soothing. I consider myself to be very tuned in and connected with Spirit, and the information and guidance that came through in this reading was clear and concise and made perfect sense for me. This reading was very reaffirming and was great confirmation that I’m on the right path. Madison truly has a gift with these type of readings and that was evident right from the start. I am eternally grateful to have connected with Madison and I highly recommend her services.


Burlington, Vermont

I love Madison’s uplifting and positive energy. She is pure Divine love and it is felt immediately in her presence. She only wants what’s best for others and it shows in everything that she does and is. She is very knowledgeable, confident and her authentic self shines. I love her to pieces and I cannot wait to see what other magic she offers the world in the future! Her Akashic Records Class has impacted me in a way that has changed me forever. I always knew there was a way to access further information about myself and to now have the key that unlocks the door into my own personal soul’s journey in a moment’s notice is powerful! I felt like learning this technique in the easy way Madison guides us was like coming home to a place I haven’t returned to yet in this lifetime……until now!


Seattle, Washington

My time with Madison was so illuminating and helpful. Her seamless connection to the Divine and direct, loving delivery of their messages was a revelation to me!

During our session, Madison channeled concrete, actionable suggestions that have helped me SO MUCH in my spiritual, work, and family life. I honor and deeply appreciate Madison’s rare gift for simultaneously walking in two worlds at once and offering life-changing mentorship rooted in Divine Light.


San Raphael, California

Sammy and I’s session with Madison was extremely beneficial to both her and I. Sammy is a rescue pit that we found running alongside the road; she suffers from severe anxiety and PTSD.

We have tried numerous alternative therapies for her and our session with Madison was easily one of the most rewarding.


Sammy came out of it calm, happy, and like a whole new dog. My favorite thing about Madison was that she was able to stay very aware of the energy and feeling in our reading. There was a point where Sammy got anxious and in turn, so did I. Madison was able to bring everything back in line and think on her feet to get us back to where we needed to be. There are a lot of unknowns with animals when you’re doing a reading, and Madison handled our situation beautifully.

I loved that Madison was able to pick up on exactly what Sammy and I needed most in the session. She tuned into the fact that I hadn’t bonded with her on much of an emotional level and she then provided me with ways that I could strengthen our connection

One of the biggest things I took from the session was when Madison explained that our animals are like crystals; in that they help us to transmute and process energy that were personally dealing with. It makes it very difficult to get frustrated with anything your pet does when you know that everything they’re doing is to help make your life easier. I am so thankful that I had someone who was able to remind me of the unconditional love that our pets have for us.


Lawrence, Kansas

I’ve known Madison for over 8 years now and value her guidance and advice beyond words. As I faced some struggles adjusting seasons of my life, I asked Madison to help me and after our first sesssion I felt not only that I better understood my current anxieties, but had tools to work on moving past them. Madison is truly a professional at what she does and I cannot recommend her services enough. Just 5 sessions helped me change my perspective on life and take some leaps toward living my best life. Thank you, Madison, for the light you bring to this world!


Cincinnati, Ohio

I’m so glad to have experienced yoga with Madison. She holds the energy so well, uplifting everyone that she is around, her flow is intuitive, her intention is beautiful and she is wonderful to learn healing yoga from. She is truly able to work with anyone, even having her certifications for working with children, not to mention the perfect demeanor for it. If you haven’t tried yoga with Madison yet, you have to see for yourself! Beginner to experienced, if you’re hoping to advance and walk away feeling more positive and with a rise in energy, this is the lady to go to!


Asheville, North Carolina

I would highly recommend a reading with Madison. She’s approachable, kind and very insightful. The time we spent together was beneficial. What transpired afterwards was in a way even more potent. It’s as if she help plant seeds or unlock little doors and the insight afterwards kept expanding. That was the most powerful part to me personally, the empowerment of the ongoing insight I was able to obtain for myself after connecting with my Akashic Records through Madison. That’s when true transformation happens. When the information becomes integrated into your being and you can then connect to an even deeper understanding. Madison acted as a trusted impetus and a guide for me in this way.


Atlanta, Georgia

Madison is wonderful! In everything she does she does it with great knowledge, love, and compassion. She is truly a healer. She has helped me through my pregnancy journey through yoga, essential oils, and overall counseling. All of her talents combined have made my adventure much more relaxing and comfortable–enjoying all the little moments.


Charleston, South Carolina

Madison’s reading for my two cats was a tremendous success. They went from open hostility to getting along and setting healthy boundaries. Her insights were totally helpful and on the money.

Her Gifts are incredible! Her insights are very open and direct. I left the session with a specific game plan for how to help modify their behavior – what did THEY need, and an understanding of WHY they were acting the way they were.

She fully understood each of their perspectives and how their personalities were at play and gave specific feedback for me to follow. It worked like a charm!

The first thing was to stop keeping them separated – let them have their little spats; they would settle into their new roles and be fine. As Mom, it was helpful moving forward KNOWING they would be ok (no major fights). Madison’s recommendations were much needed to heal Faith’s emotional wounds that were affecting the dynamic with her new sister.

Its been amazing. She is a pet whiperer!!


Wilinston, Vermont

As I haven’t ever experienced the Akashic Records before, this reading for me was very enlightening! For Madison to be able to connect with my records and be able to share advice on the spot really blew me away. Everything she spoke about resonated with me and had me nodding my head the whole time!! We discussed two ‘items’ and in both instances the feedback Madison gave me was extremely positive and the very same ‘yes’ signals I get from my Tarot Readings.

I believe Madison is very gifted with her connection to the Akashic Records and I was really blown away! Thank you so much Madison for gifting me such an amazing experience – It was so inspiring!

I hope to return to Skype and be able to witness her magic again soon!


Melbourne, Australia

I took Madison’s class while on a vacation in Charleston. Coming from New York City where yoga is as common as eating out, I have participated in many different types of yoga classes and have been led by a wide variety of instructors. Madison’s class was the best yoga class I have ever experienced. From the very beginning of the class, I felt completely comfortable and at ease. Madison’s instruction style makes her approachable and relatable. She explains the reasoning behind each movement (pose), allowing her students to become informed and knowledgeable about yoga and its effect on our bodies. Her friendliness, professional manner, and knowledge behind what she teaches make her class a one-of a kind experience which builds self-confidence, positive energy, and is a ton of fun!


NYC, New York

Madison guided me through how to read the Akashic Records step by step. Over the weeks of the Akashic Records class her insights, wisdom and guidance enabled me to progress with confidence always knowing support was available if I felt unsure about anything. Being able to interact and share my experiences with both Madison and others taking the class, allowed me to fully explore the lessons. Madison easily combines the teachings and her own experiences to create a perfect teacher and guide.


Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Madison, I absolutely loved my session! You are such a positive, beautiful spirit and your words really resonated with me, and found their place in my life if that makes sense. You gathered everything together and summed it up wonderfully, offering me guidance and ways to keep my spirit feeling as good as possible. I really needed this one and I think I will come back to it monthly. Thank you so much!


Savonia, Finland

I recently had an Akashic Reading with Madison. It was my first Akashic Reading and I knew very little about the topic. Madison put me at ease straight away and after a few minutes I felt deeply relaxed. She gently guided me throughout inviting me to ask the questions I most needed answers to.

The reading really resonated with me on a deep level and I felt really uplifted afterwards.  She has opened up a whole new world to me and she also shared some of her own insights about me which were incredibly useful to hear. With hindsight I feel like I heard exactly what I needed to hear in that time and this has given me extra strength.

She is a friendly and sensitive individual with many abilities!


Cueno, Italy

Madison has that special quality about her that will make you instantly feel safe and at ease. She creates a space of listening, non-judgement and compassion. Madison promotes and inspires the practice of self-love and self-care through yoga, healthy lifestyle habits and intuitive healing. By example, she teaches how to genuinely be open to experiencing life as raw and breathtaking. Madison exemplifies how to gain strength and power from life’s many obstacles, rather than being defeated or giving up hope. I would highly encourage anyone to take her classes or have a private session with her.


Nashville, Tennesse

Madison is a wonderful, thorough, yoga instructor.  Although I have taken yoga classes numerous times, each time with Madison I learn something new.  She is really great at making sure her students use correct form, and to do poses slowly to improve balance.  I highly recommend Madison, and especially enjoy her spiritual sayings at the end of each session.


Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

My reading with Madison was spot on. It gave me peace of mind after a family member was recently hospitalized and the confidence to move forward with one of my business goals. Her presence is warm, friendly, and in touch with what I needed right in that moment.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Madison is such a wonderful calming presence and I absolutely love her being my yoga guide. I do private intuitive yoga sessions with her multiple times a month and she fine-tunes each session to my mind and body, in order to give the most benefits for my individual needs!


Charleston, South Carolina

Madison is wonderful at one-on-one instruction and makes sure you are receiving the optimal benefit of your yoga session. She has a genuine love and desire to teach and share her gifts, she intuitively tunes into to what you most need. It has been a great pleasure to work with her….I would highly recommend it….she offers such a wide variety of modalities, which is sure to include something for everyone!


Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina