Magic in Edisto Island

Magic in Edisto Island

My favorite part of camping is the crisp stillness that can be smelt and felt both in the evening when the fire embers are dying out and in the morning right when you unzip your tent and the dew filled air hits your face. Edisto Campsite 66 had a certain kind of stillness that was felt beyond the surface of my skin. Before our Edisto escape I was barely breathing, for months it felt like I was slowly being buried alive, every day another pile of dirt was loaded onto my chest. After Edisto 66 with my lover, I feel like that crisp stillness runs in my veins. I can breathe again.

Our two-year anniversary was our excuse to get away, but you shouldn’t wait for a “reason” to have a renewal trip. The “reason” should be simple,  “because I need to refill my cup”.  When I speak of refilling one’s cup I am alluding to the dire need to replenish one’s energy.

We hadn’t taken a vacation since our last camping trip to Cherokee in May 2014 to celebrate my birthday. We were “too busy” “too poor” or “too tired”. Finally, our anniversary gave us the perfect excuse and boy did we need it!  I had forgotten what a true holiday felt like.  Most people view visiting home or thanksgiving with the family as their vacation, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although a trip to see dear ole mum and dad is a happy time and surely a break from the real world it is not a vacation in the truest sense of the word. As much as we love our family, often after a trip to visit them we need a vacation from our vacation. Am I right? Even when you get along with your loved ones like peas and carrots, a trip home does not give your heart the chance to reset as it so deeply desires. For this to occur you have to go outside of your usual beat. You have to wander down a new road and set your sights on new heights.

Why do we need to question magic? Why are we so stuck on the “why”? Instead lets search for the magic, never asking where it came from, only trusting that it is real. Right now I want you to tune into the magic within yourself. Can you feel it flow through your veins? Radiating from your heart? Once you learn how to identify the mystic power within you, you can match it to the Universe and magical things will start to happen daily. Surround yourself with tools, people and places that inspire the magic and don’t use skepticism as their motivating force.

After our nap we just let the rest of our trip wind down and unfold, accepting that it was over but still wallowing in the juicy goodness of it all. We took a stroll on the beach and for the next hour searched for buried treasure.

I giddily found seashells like a mermaid child while Brad hunted shark’s teeth. A coquina shell caught my eye, still attached and pure white resembling a pair of angel wings. I rambled on and on about signs and my guides talking to me. We returned to the campsite and it was my turn to cook tonight. In comparison to Brad’s feast the night prior my hamburger and beans look like slop, but tasted sweet from golden sugar and reminded me of my mom. I reminisced how hamburger and beans was my favorite meal growing up, on my birthdays when my mom offered to cook anything in the world.. this is what I chose. We played cards by the lantern light and etched a tick tac toe board in the mud. We continued to look at the stars and theorize about the Universe and creatures living among us.

I rose with the sun and urged Brad to get up so we could hunt one last time for his coveted booty, shark’s teeth. We had been searching all weekend to no avail. As we walked the beach, the sun continued to rise and I said a little prayer to bring Brad his tooth. Two seconds later I heard him proclaim he found one! And then another, the largest he’d ever found!

What could be a more magical way to end our trip? We dismembered our campsite and bid adieu to Edisto, and sat in silence on the car ride home, windows down and soaking in the wonder.

This trip was more than pressing reset, this trip reminded us of the beauty and awe in our relationship. Just when I thought I knew Brad I got to know him a little deeper. Trips like these are important to take for yourself, your soul, and your relationships. Whether they be with a friend, a lover, or a mother. Getting out of town and spending quality time away from what you know renews your connection with others. Renewing your own cup is key, so that you can pour into others. Take your magical trip so that you may cleanse and detox yourself and be free to love and be with others.

Madison Rosenberger
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