The past few weeks have been exploding with exciting energy and I have EXCITING new endeavors in the making. If you had asked me six months ago if I thought I would be headed where I am headed now, the answer would have more than likely been no.
However due to my new found connection to my guides and the increasingly proactive vibration in the air things have truly accelerated!
Between writing my book, working with an illustrator to bring life to a big surprise, and channeling messages from beyond in a way I never have before, my business has taken off!

And I owe it all to dreams.
Not the type of dreams where you are wishing, and hoping, but honest to God manifestation dreams. Dreams where I can tangibly see and touch what  and where I want to be.

Nothing is impossible if we can imagine ourselves doing, without a shadow of a doubt. That is all that manifesting really is… it is magic. Its making something out of nothing despite doubt.

Lets do some imagining of our own for a second. Imagine I held me hand out and told you “I am going to create an apple, with my pure intent, and desire” So I continue to sit and stare at my hand and say “Apple, apple, apple, apple” and on and on and on..

At first you would look at me with question and sit and wonder about my sanity, but then if I did it long enough….chances are you would get so irritated that you would walk downstairs and return with an apple. Throwing it into my hands you would say “There! Can you stop now?”

Well I did not magically produce an apple out of thin air but I did manifest one into my hand, MY reality..

Its dreaming or seeing ourselves where we want to be that produces our future. There is a difference between wishful thinking and truly believing in what you are creating.  You have to actually believe you are capable of accomplishing it! Some call it madness, some call it being unrealistic, or being in too deep. I can honestly sit here and tell you from experience that if you create it, and TRUST it, and surrender your fear to God, ANYTHING is possible. Thanks to the validity of this statement, those possibilities are endless..
Remember though that any trace of fear, doubt, or question will stifle your creation, it will blind you, and keep you from your potential.
There are two motivating forces in this world, fear and love. Fear will make you pull back from your dreams and live out of desperation, and love will encourage you to leap forward into life with excitement and arms wide open.
How to eliminate fear? Ah yes that is tricky. And a topic for another time. Stay tuned my friends. Take it one

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