Meditation for Hand-washing

Meditation for Hand-washing

With the current stress and changes that are occurring right now (aka this thing you may have heard of called the Coronavirus), you may be finding it hard to fit in time to breathe, be still, be mindful or meditate.  (And these are the things that will do the best job boosting your immune system! )  Especially with spouses and children at home with you or extra time spent working on figuring out this new dynamic of business, you may be feeling like you don’t have the time to focus on these things.

However, I know of one thing we are ALL doing multiple times a day right now, and that’s HAND-WASHING. So I created a cute little guide to meditation for hand-washing.

I challenge you to turn at least one of your daily hand-washing sessions into a mini, mindfulness, meditation practice.

Click here to download a printable PDF version!

Madison Rosenberger
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