Mentor With Madison

Let me teach you how to tune into your intuition, to find your power and to connect to your Divinity.

Spiritual teachings and education awaken you to your truest potential, you are capable of healing yourself and so much more. You are a magnificent, limitless being, with unbridled potential! Everyone has the ability to heal themselves and can find the wisdom and knowledge they are seeking within themselves. Everyone has intuitive gifts and in mentorship sessions, I teach you how to hone your abilities and teach you ways to expand your power. In mentorship sessions, I focus on teaching you how to become your own spiritual teacher and foster spiritual independence. Spiritual independence means becoming self-reliant on your spiritual journey, and your spiritual journey is the process of remembering who you are at your soul’s core. Its time to rediscover and embrace your own magic!

Mentorship is for you if…

Madison Rosenberger - Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor, Yoga Teacher in Charleston South Carolina

You feel like something is missing.

You have a thirst for spiritual knowledge.

You are curious about spiritual modalities.

You are ready to hone your intuitive gifts and healer abilities.

You are ready to elevate your soul to the next level.

You want to awaken your truest potential.

What will a session look like?


These sessions are for both complete beginners and advanced spiritual seekers alike. You can have just one session or we can create an individualized ongoing program and curriculum for you.


The Ascended Masters and your Sacred Guides know exactly what you need to learn to progress on your path, I channel this information to structure your spiritual education around subjects and topics important for you.


In addition to intuitively created lesson plans, I can also teach you whatever you are craving to learn about.  Common subjects include (but are not limited to); Energy Healing, Ascension, Atlantis and Lemuria, Channeling, Meditation, Natural Health, Crystals, Sacred Sexual, Karmic Lessons, Divine Blueprints, Elemental Beings, Planets of Origin, Driving Forces and Purposes of Life, Empath Survival, Boundaries, Akashic Records, How to Connect to Your Sacred Guides, How to Perform Psychic and Intuitive Readings, How to be a Leader for Others, and more.


No topic is too “woo woo”, when you schedule your appointment simply tell me about any topics you are curious about. I am here to help you learn and discover in whatever way you need. I can teach you anything from the chakra basics to deep hidden knowledge of the coming golden age – the sky is the limit!


1 hour session



Call for a consultation. 704.778.1538.




My sessions with Madison have altered my life path in so many beautiful ways. I have found new confidence in myself. My life has completely changed. I now feel confident to pursue what I always wanted to but was always too anxious to even approach. Without Madison, I can only imagine how lost I would feel. I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of in making a difference in this world. I truly feel I was destined to meet Madison and work with her. I love how open I can be with her and how validated I felt in all my feelings and thoughts after speaking with her. I always felt lighter and supported after each session.


There is so much to learn in every session and encounter you have with Madison. Whether it be angels, guides, crystals etc… everything literally IS magical. It has sparked my interest in the spiritual healing realm, and am excited to continue learning from Madison. Her energy is pure goodness, love, comfort, and support. My favorite thing about Madison is her genuine desire and capability to help you. She is extremely good at what she does. She hears you and feels what you feel. She wants to be there for you and a part of your journey. I never expected to gain one of the most impactful and talented mentors when I walked through her door that first session but I couldn’t have been more blessed and grateful. Even 2 years later we talk regularly and have sessions.


Charleston, South Carolina

After just one session with Madison I was able to tap into blockages that I didn’t even know were there and begin the process of clearing them. Clearing the things that came up in our session continues to shape my life on a deep, deep level. I have an intimacy and connection with my husband that I didn’t even realize I was missing. I have a strength and confidence in myself that I had been lacking for a very long time. The clarity that has come out of our time together is something that I will continue to build on for a very long time.

Madison’s connection to the Divine is so pure and supportive that while in her presence you feel completely safe to explore all sides of yourself. Her energy is like a giant hug, which is extremely helpful when you’re diving as deep into yourself as you do with her. She is one of the most loving, supportive, and kind people I have had the pleasure of interacting with.

Madison gave me permission to take my own power back. She entrusted me and empowered me to be able to heal myself. She provided the space for me to recognize the strength and power that I have, so that I could do exactly what it is I needed to do for myself. I don’t know that there’s much that’s more powerful than that.

Her energy is so safe and supportive and loving. She is able to tune in and know exactly what type of energy you need to help you move through something, whether it’s calm and quiet energy, or powerful and strong energy.

I am integrating what I’ve learned on a daily basis. Every time I feel overwhelmed or a lack of self-worth, I tune back into the power that I felt when I first implemented the lessons learned from my session with Madison. I feel so empowered and clear about who I am now.


Lawrence, Kansas

Madison enlightened me to see further into my own personal power and how to take care of my overall well being .

What I loved most of all is how comfortable it was to talk to her but also lovely uncomfortable because she helped me to step out of my comfort zone in different ways.

The most wonderful thing I took away from our session was the powerful meditations and prayers and advice to just ‘Stop trying” It is okay to put the to do list away and let things go. I need to trust in my inner guides and believe everything I need is inside of me already.

I’m doing my clearing prayers morning and night to clear any unwanted energy in my life. I’m able to look at some situations in a more loving light and my meditation practice has improved.

Madison is very sweet and loving. She is eager to help you learn more about yourself and explains what you don’t know or can’t see in a very kind way.


Provincetown, Massachusetts

Madison is a clear and direct channel for cosmic intelligence. Her ability to connect with the multidimensional world is seamless, and she fluidly navigates between that world and the grounded, practical world of the physical reality. She creates a strong energetic container, and I feel safe to explore every time we work together.

Her guidance is clear, and she has an ability to pull things together at a high level and explain everything in a way that makes sense. Working with Madison has helped me move forward with clarity in so many important areas in my life.


Maui, Hawaii