Mercury in Retrodgrade : Tips For Survival

Mercury in Retrodgrade : Tips For Survival

M e r c u r y   i n   R e t r o g r a d e  . . .  we meet again..
Often the butt of many yogi and spiritual jokes, Mercury in Retrograde is notorious for being the Denis the Menace of astrological events.
Not so sure what the heck that is?
Thats what I’m here for!
All the phenomenal planets are constantly wiping around and spinning out of control, to go into detail of how the Universe really works might make ones head spin too…. but in a nutshell, about three or four times a year Mercury whizzes past Earth and this is when we experience a Mercury retrograde period.
This event classically affects everyone in the same uniform way ( if you are a Gemini or Virgo.. sorry guys… you are ruled by Mercury so you might feel this hit a bit harder then everyone else.)
When Mercury is retrograde we feel …. L O S T
Like where did my brain go? Irritability is common, confusion is a given. The best option is not to fight it, go with the flow. If you feel like sitting around all day and saying screw the laundry, I recommend that you do exactly that. Although it may feel like all hell has broken loose, there is a silver lining to this rain cloud. Mercury Retrograde gives us the ability to find areas of our life that require attention and we will benefit from working on these aspects of our growth.

Here is a quick guide to survive this period of time which started August 28th and will end October 24th

– Start big projects
– Make big life changing purchases or choices
– Take anything personally

– Triple check travel plans, Mercury rules all means of transportation, so expect delays, cancelations, and miscommunications
– Prepare for technology failure, back up your computer!
– Tie up loose ends, book end that chapter in your life that has needed closing for a while

Call me if you need help navigating this period in your life! 704 -778-1538 😉

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