My TFEL Tale – a Mermaid Message!

My TFEL Tale – a Mermaid Message!

The last thing I remembered before falling asleep was placing my ring on my nightstand atop the novel Water, the third book in my mermaid trilogy; however there I sat starring at my “Feel to Heal” ring back on my finger. My mandala ring from The Fifth Element Life had somehow magically reappeared on my finger in the middle of the night! It was 6 am and I thought it might have been an illusion cast on my eyes by the sandman, but there it was!

The night prior I had dreamt that I was lying on a beach and slipped my hand down into some silver sand, sifting for the TFEL ring. The sand almost looked like the liquid metal from Terminator, except it glittered in the sunlight. Once my hand found the ring it effortlessly slid back on to my finger as if a spirit placed it there.

Someone was disappointed I took the ring off and I know exactly who, my mermaid sisters. About a year ago I began to channel the mermaid spirits of four willful, wonderful sisters, Serena, Sasha, Ana, and Layla. When these channelings started, I got stuck on asking them about their “existence”. I was so focused on discovering the origin of their “reality” that I was not paying attention to their messages. They finally stated loud and clear “Where and when we came from does not matter, what is needed is faith that we exist”. I recognized what they were trying to teach me, a lesson that actually lived deep inside of me. The importance to FEEL into energy and have faith without seeing or knowing.

My main intuitive gifts come from feeling, but this is something I have battled with my whole life. I have always been overly emotional and able to cry at the drop of a hat. I was chastised by my family and friends for being “way too sensitive”. I have always been able to feel exactly how a person was feeling, had felt, or would feel. When I would depict what I was picking up on to my close loved ones they would reply with statements such as “how could you possibly know all of that, you are overthinking”. So for many years, I tried to stuff down the hypersensitive nature, which resulted in General Anxiety Disorder, Insomnia, and OCD. One day I was taught about Empaths and Clairsentients and recognized that my delicate nature was not a curse but a gift. I thrust mySelf into honing my “superpowers” and before I knew it I felt like I Professor X, inside the minds of others.

Although my newfound acceptance of my abilities gave me freedom I craved a more “concrete” gift. I was watching intuitives all around me receiving messages with their eyes and ears, which I deemed much more special than receiving with my body. They had solid proof that all the information they were receiving was real! I had to trust that the sensations I felt weren’t some sort of illusion.

My mermaid sisters assured me that I could see or hear if I really wanted to but that I was gifted with Clairsentience in this lifetime to learn the true power of “feeling to heal”. Seeing isn’t believing and this seems to be the hardest thing for humans to accept. Everyone wants to ask, “Where is the evidence? Where is the proof?”

The human race is now being called to tap back into the high frequency of trusting the fifth element. It is time for a new era of consciousness, one where we ascend to trusting the unseen. My mermaid sisters have shown up to work through me to help teach this ambient lesson to the world.

My mother gifted my “Feel to Heal” TFEL ring to me for my 25th birthday and as soon as I touched it I FELT the intense energy coming off from it. It was like a generator that honed into my Clairsentience and amplified it. I sensed that it was just the tool I needed to aid me in my mermaid channelings. After finding the ring placed back on my finger after my mystical dream that night, it was confirmed. Lately, I have been struggling with confidence in my abilities. I have found myself full of nerves when I look at my calendar and see a week full of new clients. “What if I don’t live up to their expectations?”, I think to myself. To find the ring so simply placed back on my hand that morning was just the bit of magic I needed to remind me of the vibrant mermaid queen that I am!

My TFEL ring is talisman I wear to remind myself of my purpose, my path, and my power. Every time I feel ordinary or obsolete I glance down at the ring and think “O, right, I’m a Badass Mermaid”. With my ring as my personal portal to the realm of mermaids, feeling, and magic I am thrilled beyond belief to see what journeys I will take. I can’t wait to discover the messages channeled with the help of this ring.

Remember that the power to FEEL the energetic waves of other people, places, animals, and circumstances lies within ALL of us. All it takes is learning to shut out the noise and focus on the internal pull. Notice the tingles, the sensations, and flex your intuitive muscle. You are a badass too, so remember all it takes to heal is to feel!


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Madison Rosenberger
  • Miriam Ines Castro
    Posted at 00:49h, 10 June Reply

    You are true purity in soul and spirit.

    • admin
      Posted at 19:03h, 10 June Reply

      Wow! Thank you for such an incredible compliment 🙂

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