Clean Beauty Consultation

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Let’s chat about what products you are currently using and how you can start to swap to cleaner, safer options. Clean beauty doesn’t mean beauty that doesn’t work, in fact, these cleaner options work better and are high performing!


I will help you select products that will work perfectly for your specific needs.


According to many of the world’s leading scientists and medical organizations, the harmful ingredients in our cosmetics (everything from face lotion and makeup, to baby powder and sunscreen) have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption, infertility, and other health issues.
These toxic chemicals are not only causing disease in our bodies but harming our Spirit by contaminating our energy systems and clogging our Chi (Prana, Lifeforce, Universal Energy that animates all things) These poisonous ingredients are hampering your physical health, intuitive potential and spiritual evolution.

Are you ready to make the swap? I’m here for any questions or concerns!


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