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WHEN: Saturday, May 4th, 2019 –  9:00 am – 1:00 pm


WHERE: Elemental Healing Charlotte
5200 Park Road, Suite 200-C,  Charlotte, NC, 28209


***Early Bird Price, $65, available until April 29th, 2019; Regular Price, $75, after.***
** Yoga Mats Not Provided**
*Seating is limited and tickets are non-refundable*


After this workshop you will walk into any yoga class with confidence. 95% of my yoga asana (poses) alignment and technique knowledge came from teacher training. But shouldn’t this be taught in all classes? Don’t all students, not just the teacher trainees, need to have a full and complete understanding of yoga alignment? I believe the answer is yes, that structural ‘how tos’ are the most important part of yoga, to give students foundation, confidence and safety in the poses. That’s why I’ve created Foundations of Yoga 101 Workshop, for all yogis from those who have never practiced before, to intermediate students and even teachers looking for a refresher and CEUS.


Often times during group classes, poses are simply called out like instructions in a game of Simon Says instead of being broken down, illustrated and taught with proper form. When yoga poses are instructed without foundational lessons it puts the student in danger of hurting themselves. All too often, yoga is led too fast, with no option for modification, dangerous transitions, and no alignment adjustment. I am incredibly passionate about teaching others how to keep their bodies safe during yoga so that it can add to your life not take away. After this workshop, you will leave with comprehensive knowledge of foundational asana and how to practice these poses safely.


I will workshop the proper technique for 25 Foundational Poses. You will learn correct alignment to engage the proper muscles and to keep your joints safe. This workshop will provide you with all the knowledge you need to safely and confidently practice yoga. You will also receive a Sun Salutation (the truest foundation for a yoga practice) 20-minute companion audio and a PDF Sequence Guide. In the MP3 audio I guide you through a continuous loop of Sun Salutations. This audio is intended to support you through establishing a regular Sun Salutation home practice. This audio goes at a slow, achievable pace for beginners. The PDF is a handy printable chart with an image of each pose and the order of the sequence.


“I have taken yoga classes from multiples instructors and Madison’s teaching style is exceptionally calming and encouraging. She is very helpful to step through poses, showing the “correct” form. I’ve been able to correct my form on several poses which always felt a bit “off” for me. Now I know why….I wasn’t using proper technique!  Thanks, Madison!” – Bridget Deschaine

This class provides 4 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units. Madison is a 200 E-RYT, 500 RYT, and YACEP, to learn more about her training and certifications please visit


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