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WHEN: Saturday, April 6th, 2019 – 10:00am – 12:00pm


WHERE: Elemental Healing Charlotte
5200 Park Road, Suite 200C Charlotte, NC, 28209


 Registration is required and seating is limited so don’t wait!


Meditation is the single most powerful tool you can use for healing and growth. I believe that meditation, when practiced diligently, consistently, and devotionally, can transform your life in ways that you cannot even imagine. Meditation is key in remembering how to connect to your Divinity and in uniting the physical body with the subtle bodies. Meditation strengthens and clears your aura and energy field, simultaneously grounds and elevates your soul, and connects you to your higher self, your guides and the present moment.


In this FREE 2-hour class I will teach you how to meditate. You will learn:

– The main 5 styles of meditation and how to do them

– Practical tips for starting a successful meditation practice

– 9 tools that help enhance meditation

– How to create a meditation alter

– Experience a Live Guided Meditation led by Guest Teacher Carol Baccile.

– You will receive a free surprise DIY tool to help you create a successful daily practice.

– You will receive access to my “30 Days to Meditation” private video series on Vimeo!


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