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The Akashic Records, also referred to as The Book of Life, are a powerful way to receive guidance and knowledge. The Records are a vibrational light body of consciousness that contain every thought, feeling, and experience that your soul has ever had; not only from this lifetime but from every past life your soul has lived! The records are the archives of your soul. During an Akashic Record Reading you can access all the wisdom of your soul to guide you.


This is a recording of the original Zoom workshop ($150 value). When purchasing you will receive private YouTube access links to the recordings of three 90 minute videos that teach you how to read your own records, as well as other people’s records. This class will give you extensive knowledge to confidently navigate the records and get the most out of your readings.


**After purchasing, you will immediately receive an email giving you access to the videos.**


With purchase of this course you will also receive 20% off a 60 min Live Channeled Reading with me !


The book How to Read your Akashic Records by Linda Howe is required reading for this class, purchase here.   I am a Certified Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner through the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies  but this not a certification class. Certification is not required to read the Records professionally.


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7 reviews for how to read the akashic records

  1. admin

    Learning and experiencing the Akashic Records for myself was mind-blowing. At a time when my ‘little’ world had fallen apart, these teachings were Divinely guided and a great blessing in my life. Just before Madison had offered the class and I had bought the book, I received a very clear message from Spirit. I saw a cloud in the shape of a mermaid (I instantly thought of her!) and I heard a message telling me that I could trust Madison and that she would be good for me. I had received an Akashic reading from Madison about 6 months before but had it not been for the class I probably wouldn’t have read the book straight away and dived in to the Akashic world so whole heartedly! I loved the group, the live participation, being able to ask questions there and then which Madison was great at answering. Madison created a safe and nurturing space for us to learn in. After my first visit to the Records I experienced a lasting peace which felt so deep and nurturing and stayed with me for hours. That was a magical experience!
    I feel that I still have so much to explore and experience but the knowledge I have gained has widened my whole outlook on life a great deal. I feel that I have a much deeper understanding on life and past lives (which is one of my favourite topics.) This expansion impacts every single aspect of my life and being.
    I found Madison to be a really inspiring teacher who really knows the topic of Akashic Records well. She has a warm and welcoming energy which created a safe and nurturing space for the class. I felt completely at ease.- Lola Martinez

  2. admin

    The records are very new to me, at least in this lifetime, but felt extremely familiar as soon as I began reading the book. This class has taught me that through the Records I can take my spiritual journey into my own hands and get a deeper sense of myself and how to make changes. I think that is so magical that the Records are RIGHT THERE whenever we need guidance and help and healing.
    For now, I’m just practicing meditating in the Records every few days. Once I get more comfortable in the Records I’ll be using it as a tool for healing the various parts of myself that I’ve tried working on but have just gotten stuck with. I loved that this class was over Skype! I loved getting to see these people every week and bond over the book and hear everyone’s experiences! Madison’s kindness and positive energy is absolutely contagious. We have a lot in common and it literally makes me feel like I’m talking to a sister, an old friend, a different version of myself even. Madison’s energy and this class was amazing! – Kadie Austen

  3. admin

    I had actually purchased the Akashic Records book two years earlier but when I received it, for some reason no longer felt called to dive in and set it aside. Just a few months ago, I mulled over the idea again, still feeling a bit unsupported in starting a solo effort of this magnitude. Who could I turn to with questions? Who could I share my experiences with? I wanted the support of someone I could learn from and trust. So when I saw Madison’s timely class announcement – I just knew it was a Divine invitation!
    Madison is not only a gifted teacher of the Records, but feels like a friend and guide I’ve known for lifetimes. Her warmth and guidance radiated through each lesson. The space she held for us felt incredibly safe and supportive, void of judgement and criticism. I felt free to ask questions, crack open and share my unique tender experiences. An undeniably liberating feeling.
    Working with Madison leaves you feeling clear and confident in your own abilities. She equips you with the necessary knowledge and encourages trust in your own creative flow. For the first time, I had a platform to express the nuances of this tremendous spiritual journey. I am forever grateful to Madison for not only allowing us to tap into our own abilities to access the Records, but for creating safe spaces for collective blossoming!
    -Vanessa Arcanum Iter

  4. admin

    I love Madison’s uplifting and positive energy. She is pure Divine love and it is felt immediately in her presence. She only wants what’s best for others and it shows in everything that she does and is. She is very knowledgeable, confident and her authentic self shines. I love her to pieces and I cannot wait to see what other magic she offers the world in the future! The Akashic Records Class has impacted me in a way that has changed me forever. I always knew there was a way to access further information about myself and to now have the key that unlocks the door into my own personal soul’s journey in a moment’s notice is powerful! I felt like learning this technique in the easy way Madison guides us was like coming home to a place I haven’t returned to yet in this lifetime……until now!
    The most magical and insightful thing I took away from the class was that the Akashic Records are available to us at anytime. To be able to sit in meditation and open them by grounding and reading the opening passage blows me away! I thought it was going to be more timely or complicated than that! I loved the book, it was an easy read and I love that healing naturally happens during the reading as the messages are being shared. -Brandy Littles

  5. admin

    Madison guided me through the reading of the Akashic records step by step. Over the weeks of the Akashic Records class her insights, wisdom and guidance enabled me to progress with confidence always knowing support was available if I felt unsure about anything. Being able to interact and share my experiences with both Madison and others taking the class, allowed me to fully explore the lessons. Madison easily combines the teachings and her own experiences to create a perfect teacher and guide. -Andrew

  6. Ashlyn Stevens

    Being able to take this class has allowed me to more fully and deeply connect with the Akashic Records. Through this class, I’ve been able to feel more comfortable and confident with being in and reading the records. Even after reading Linda Howe’s book and feeling like I understood what the records were, I was unsure if I was actually connecting to them. I had doubts and fears about reading the records on my own, as well as reading other people’s records. This class helped me to release those fears and gain clarity around reading the records.
    Even through the recording you don’t only learn from Madison, but also through the others in the class. I felt connected to them and it felt like I was part of the live class! It was great to feel part of the group.
    I love how Madison shared her experience and knowledge of the records. It’s clear that she knows what she’s talking about and is excited to share her knowledge, as well as support other’s to connect with the records. The class is full of lots of knowledge and deep concepts but information is presented in an easy to understand and fun manor.
    I highly recommend this class for anyone who is wanting to learn more about the Akashic Records and how to use them. It’s helped me to clear up any mis-understandings I’ve had and helped me to gain a sense of clarity and deeper understanding of what the records are and how to read them. – Ashlyn Stevens

  7. Jessica Walty (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed viewing the three videos of this class. Great introduction and overview of the Akashic Records following Linda Howe’s guidelines. Even though these videos are recorded (not live), you still receive the benefits of learning in a group atmosphere. The discussions and sharing of information really help apply the knowledge and practices.

    This class is a great learning tool to pair with Linda Howe’s books.
    – Jessica Walty

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