Liquid Collagen

This patented Liquid Collagen is the number #1 natural supplement that I have found! Since taking Modere BioCell and Trim, I have more physical energy, my periods are more comfortable, I have lost weight, my joints aren’t in pain anymore and my skin looks amazing! As humans, taking care of our human body is key in creating a sacred space for our soul. Properly taking care of your body creates important peace and wellness throughout your being. At the risk of sounding dramatic, Modere Collagen is a liquid gold fountain of youth in helping you to stay feeling young, energized and happy with your body.

After age 25 your collagen production decreases each year and it’s the reason why we age (and feel low energy, old and achy) This is the main reason you feel unmotivated, inflexible, and worn down in your bodies as you get older. It is why you lose your hair, your skin wrinkles, your breasts sag, your energy dips, and it becomes harder to lose weight.


Commercial collagens you buy at Whole Foods, like Vital Proteins, are not potent enough to make a difference (you would need to take 20 servings of it to equal one of Modere) nor are they bioavailable! Modere is a powerhouse patented formula and the only liquid collagen infused with Hyaluronic acid and 13 superfoods, along with resveratol to promote health, wellness, and all signs of aging. You get 98% more absorption and a 6,000% reproduction rate in 28 days that mimic our collagen naturally. *backed by clinical studies.* So why spend money on powder collagen that’s not really doing anything (and tastes nasty)  when there’s another option that is clinically proven to heal your body, increase weight loss and bring youth back to your skin, nails, and hair (and tastes delicious)?


If I could only ever take one vitamin/supplement ever again, it would be this stuff!


Please contact me with ANY questions or if you would like help picking out the Collagen line that’s right for you based on what you want to achieve.

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