Meditate with Madison: Circulate Sacred Sexual Energy


In this 15 min Guided Meditation I lead you through a simple and gentle way to circulate sacred sexual energy throughout your body and chakra centers. Steeping in sexual energy is a key component of inviting joy, passion, and creation into your life. We live in a world where many people are cut off from their sexual fire which creates cold energy throughout the rest of the body. For you to thrive, this fire needs to be circulated throughout the entire body instead of being shut down and repressed in the Sacral Chakra. Sexual energy is literally creation energy, and therefore manifestation and co-creation with the Universe are very difficult when you do not engage your sexual potential. For many years sex has been corrupted in our society, it has been viewed as either taboo and “sinful” or it has been used in an emotionally neglectful way paired with trauma and abuse. It is time to reconnect with the Divinity of sex so that you can bring healing and wholeness to your body. This meditation will teach you an easy technique to circulate this powerful energy throughout your body so you can use it to fuel your being.


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