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Do you feel lost or in need of clarity? A card reading will provide much-needed direction in your life and immediate help in any situation. I use the cards as a tool to channel messages from spirit guides to get to the heart of your questions. You will never hear anything that will harm you. My card readings are Divinely led by angelic and high vibrational beings that only reveal messages that contribute to your highest good.


Many clients have described getting a card reading, like a helping hand or comforting hug giving them much needed confirmation and guidance to move forward in life. Cards are powerful intuitive tools that can provide profound and clear-cut guidance. Through a Card Reading, you acquire non-bias and non-judgemental advice from sacred guides. You may ask any question your heart desires or request a general reading.


***This is a 3 card spread and only addresses one topic/question at a time. Please note in the comment section of your purchase if there is a specific question you would like addressed or if you would prefer a general reading. For the reading to be clear and to benefit your highest good, it is best to phrase your questions to start with one of these 3 words; what, how or why. Ex. “What do I need to be focusing my attention on to succeed?”, “What do I need to know right now to help me with this situation?”, “Why have I been struggling with this situation?”, ” How can I create my desired outcome?”.  If you find it difficult to narrow down your questions, or need to ask more than one, I recommend scheduling an hour long Live Channeled Reading so we can address all of your concerns.


***This is a remote reading, and no Live session is scheduled. Your reading will be emailed to you in a PDF report with a photo of your card spread attached. I will intuitively select the best deck to use for your reading.



Reviews (7)

7 reviews for PDF Card Reading

  1. admin

    I had a good little cry while reading Madison’s beautiful PDF. The information is very special to me. Incite into a difficult situation that I was not able to tap into on my own.

    I felt like I had received incite from a good friend. Someone who understands me, my current situation and offered clear advice without bias or judgment.

    I feel as humans, we are trained to think, plan and analyze. And to do the right thing, not just for ourselves but also for those around us. At times it feels impossible to relax my logical mind and allow intuition to come through. Like my survival depends on it. This reading from Madison has given me much to ponder and put into practice. A gentle nudge in the right direction.

    This reading has warmed my heart, reassured me that I’m loved and guided and has shaped my views moving forward. – Jessica Walty

  2. admin

    OH MY GOD! I can’t even form words. Your reading was just WOWOWOWOW!!! Like seriously every single thing you have mentioned is spot on, your reading today confirmed everything that is going on in my life and knowing I have made the right decision. So thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for being the final kick up the butt and spiritual hug from the universe. You have no idea how divine your timing was with the reading and I just cannot get over the fact of how much an amazing reading and reader you are. <3

    Thank you more than all the stars in the sky. - Devina Courtney

  3. admin

    My sessions with Madison have helped me to have a better understanding of myself and my feelings. Each time I’ve gotten a card reading from Madison I have had the thought “that’s exactly it!”

    Something I couldn’t put into words before or some feeling I couldn’t find the right way to express and she nailed it on the head. This has helped me to be able to better identify situations and feelings in my life, react to them, and use them to help me be a better person

    I love the flexibility of it. I work nights and being able to request a reading and have it emailed to me works perfectly with my schedule. I also love that I can ask questions or make comments and know that I’ll get a timely response
    My most recent 3 card reading told me some things about myself I’d been subconsciously avoiding. The cards and Madison’s explanation helped to highlight that my head and heart aren’t in the same place right now and she gave me some good ideas of how to help bring them together with meditation and letter burning. There is a special kind of spiritual or magical release in doing these things that have helped significantly.

    I have learned is how to better protect my energy and not let others influence it as much. This has greatly helped my moods and connections with others. Also knowing when to just take a moment and breathe if I’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just suddenly in a bad mood when I wasn’t just moments before. Re-centering has made a tremendous difference in my life

    My favorite thing is how open and honest she is. She is so in tune with feelings of others that it doesn’t take much if any explanation for her to know how/what you’re feeling. Her energy is calming and contagious, which I love because it helps me to be calmer too. – Bridget Walsh

  4. admin

    I cannot recommend Madison’s Card Readings highly enough. The reading was straight to the point, truly insightful & in depth. I felt Madison could really ‘see’ me to the depths of my Soul. Her guidance through the Oracle helped me immensely through an emotionally difficult time.

    I loved how I was seen on such a deep level, & I felt safe to share my deepest truths.
    This reading reminded me to keep trusting in the Divine Plan and my own intuition. Madison’s insights were confirming of how I was feeling about the situation.

    It all comes back to trust. When I fall out of it, I quickly remind myself of what the Oracle revealed.

    I loved Madison’s ability to create a love filled safe space and to really connect with me on my deepest level. Madison actually inspired me to look into how I create a safe & loving space for my own clients and also on a personal level to trust more in my own intuitive abilities & my power. Thank you Madison! – Kirsten Shubel

  5. admin

    I’ve been sitting with my reading for a couple of days. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry when I read it. Thank you so much! It was confirmation of what I knew but have been suppressing. Really hit home. I want to get another! ✨💕🙏- Becca Anderson

  6. admin

    “Can I just tell you how consistently amazed I am with what you send me? This is both terrifying and exhilarating with how spot on it is for what I needed. Thank you so much for this. I very well may be scheduling an in person session with you soon because this is just too spot on to not process more.” – LP

  7. sarakameier (verified owner)

    I would honestly recommend Madison to anyone. I never in my life paid for a reading before, but felt a burning need to ask a question, which I didn’t want to take other places. The answer I got was filled with synchronicities from my real life and things I had wondered about or phrases in a specific way myself. I was really pleased and happy. So thank you so much – All the way from Denmark

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