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Do you want to stimulate hair growth?

Do you want to increase your psychic abilities?

Do you want to effectively clear negative energy that collects in your hair?


I didn’t originally plan on selling these combs but they have become such a big part of my self-care routine I really wanted to share them with you.


Low vibrations tend to linger in your hair, stunting its health and ability to connect you to your Crown Chakra. “Native American tribes even believe that the hair is connected to the nervous system. That long hair reaches out like tentacles, and pulls energy and information from the world around us similar to a cat’s whiskers.” Each hair individually connected to your scalp serves as a big connection to you and how you connect with the world around you, seen and unseen. The comb is made of quartz crystal, quartz is known as the “Master Healer” and will transmute all foreign energy that collects in your hair.


Your hair is a sacred part of your Self and taking care of it with respect and love will deeply shift your energy. Not only will using the comb release negative energy, by once it is released it makes room for physical healing. Keeping up with your hair’s spiritual hygiene will stimulate and promote physical growth. After daily use over a period of time you will find the Quartz comb has become elemental in your hair health, making it strong, full, and luxurious.


I use mine after my shower to comb essential oils through my hair at the end of a long day. Clear Quartz is also an amplifying crystal and so it is used to enhance the oils calming effect.


With every order, I include an essential oil recipe that promotes relaxation and enhances hair growth.


The ritual of combing the hair adds an extra element of self-love and self-care to your daily hygiene. You will feel like a queen when using this gorgeous quartz comb. Like a mermaid pampering her locks!


“Cultural beliefs about our hair and how it can affect us go back as far as recorded history. Many ancient cultures believed there is power in uncut hair.” Read more about its power here,

Because these are handmade to order no refunds or exchanges are available, with the exception of receiving a damaged comb upon arrival. You have 7 days upon the day of arrival to notify me that you received a damaged comb. Please make sure to email a photo of your comb, so that I can submit an insurance claim to the mail carrier.

Out of stock

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