Women’s Yoni Yoga (Monthly Yoga with Madison Series)

$11.00 $5.00

WHEN: Saturday September 28th @ 11am – 12pm


WHERE: Elemental Healing, Charlotte NC


Yoni Yoga is a slow paced intimidation-free style of yoga accessible to all levels, including beginners.

Yoni Yoga utilizes poses that help women strengthen their pelvic floor and connect to their womb space. Developing your pelvic muscles helps to strengthen the low back and low abdomen, reduce menstrual cramps, prevent and remedy incontinence, balance hormones, and enhance vaginal sensitivity and decrease numbness. Combining yoga and deep breathing with pelvic floor awareness also establishes a powerful connection to your Feminine energy. This powerful force will help you increase your vitality and creative energy and clear your Sacral space from trauma and negative energy.   


*Pre-registration is required, space is limited.


*Early Bird Pricing is $5 until September 1st; $11 after September 1st

(Tickets are Non-Refundable)


*Please bring a water bottle and a yoga mat. 🙂


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