Sacred Sexual Coaching for Women

In this session, I combine my years of study in sacred sexual healing and my intuitive gifts and abilities as a psychic channel for Divine messages to help women revitalize their sacred sexual energy. Together, with your sacred guides as the navigating force, we will help you reconnect to your most powerful center of energy. Women have been cut off from their sacred sexual power for too long, disconnected from their sacred womb space and estranged from their yonis. Sexuality is your inherent gift from God and is the key to fully embodying your Divine Feminine nature. This long-forgotten aspect of your being is the answer to many of life’s problems. Embracing this powerful part of yourself can create immense pleasure, success, joy and abundance in your life. You can create anything, after all, that’s what sexual energy is, pure unadulterated creation energy.


There is intuitive wisdom in your womb and you do yourself a disservice by repressing your innate sacred sexual energy. In our culture sexuality is suppressed by either deeming it unholy or by casting a destructive, degrading, and disrespectful shadow upon it. It’s time to take back your power, awaken your womb, and nurture the relationship with your sexuality.


Sacred Sexual Coaching

is for you if…


  • You feel disconnected from your sexuality.
  • You are uncomfortable with physical self-exploration.
  • You experience a numb vagina or loss of libido.
  • You suffer from health issues in your reproductive organs or urinary tract/bladder.
  • You constantly feel as if you are not good enough and worry about what others think.
  • You suffer from anxiety and self-doubt.
  • You feel shame for your sexual desires and tendencies.
  • You have a bad body image.
  • You want to have better orgasms.
  • You suffer from sexual trauma of any kind, either soft trauma such as having sex when you weren’t turned on or having an overly invasive gyno exam, or hard trauma such as rape.
  • You have a hard time surrendering control and letting go.
  • You have an aversion to penetration, either from a penis or even a tampon.
  • You require external stimulation such as porn to self-pleasure.
  • You have heavy, painful periods and PMS symptoms.
  • You are ready to tap into your truest source of intuition.
  • You are craving more pleasure, sensuality and/or luxury in your life.
  • You are ready to embody the wild woman inside you.
  • You are eager to reconnect to your sacred feminine power.


1 hour session



Call for a consultation. 704.778.1538.

In a world full of practitioners touting sacred sexual intuitive abilities/services, Madison stands out from the pack. She has helped me integrate the fact that sacred sexual healing is essential work to heal ourselves and in turn, heal the planet. She has taught me that the sacred energy of my womb is where it starts.
My healing accelerated immensely once I followed her guidance and connected to my sacral and womb space. She has shown me that as humans we are given a unique gift to love ourselves through self-pleasure and tremendous healing arises from expressing and practicing this. I now really understand that the shame and guilt that has been placed on women and on the topic of sex is pervasive, so healing this starts right here with your own body, one woman (and man!) at a time. The pleasure we give ourselves is synonymous with self-love. This (the womb/sacral/sexual energy) is where it starts. Love yourself through (through self-pleasure and integrating with the heart space,) then love the world. Madison has given me all of this and so much more.
Her energy is magnetic, refreshing and pure. I have been working with her for years and she has never steered me wrong. In fact, the more I listen to and tap into her guidance, the more my life seems to flow in the right direction. She encourages me to tap back into what my soul already knows and follow the guidance I am given.

Madison’s talent and abilities are completely authentic. I feel that she truly wants to use her gifts to make positive changes in this world, which is comforting. She gave me insight and divine perspective.

Patricia Spence

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina