My Transformational Haircut

My Transformational Haircut

Yesterday I made a huge style change and and even bigger movement towards my spiritual growth. I shed the past, I released what has apparently been weighing me down!

What I assumed would just be a trendy new hair- do turned out to transform the way I feel about my entire being!

Woman typically carry a lot of energy in their hair, it is extension of their being, their essence. Therefore I knew it would be therapeutic to chop my long locks but however I had no idea it would completely alter my condience and allow me to step into my voice.

Women’s hair typically expresses their feminity, take that away and you have to find a deeper way to express your seduction. Cutting my hair has forced me to identify my sexuality with more than just my hair. It has forced me to find my inner goddess. When I was pushed to embrace that side of myself I took one big step into my power.

When stepping into your power you find your truth. You don’t question yourself or your needs, you are purely called to action. Called to achieve what is in your highest good, and to do what feels right without hesitation.

I have released the past, let go of negative patterns of feelings, low energies of self description and it feels so good!! Find your inner goddess, embrace your power…what might it take to push you there?



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