Self Care as a Spiritual Act eBook

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We live in a world where we are encouraged to constantly do more, push through the pain and never stop. Our society rewards striving and punished ‘selfish’ acts of self-care. Exhaustion sets in and you find yourself on the brink of burn-out. You either can’t find the time to practice self-care or feel too guilty to put yourself first. Self-care is the key to feeding your soul and living an authentic, fulfilled, stress-free life!


In this eBook I give details on how to give your needs the attention and love they deserve. I give practical, intuitive, simple ways to feel happy, healthy and energized again! Self-care is where we should always begin on our spiritual journey.


“Madison’s e-book is not only creative and inspiring but chock-full of profound lessons that will help anyone more clearly and triumphantly navigate through life.  Her approach is honest and sincere and drips with authenticity and sweetness.  She compassionately guides you in the very best ways to nurture and care for yourself.  you can literally feel the love oozing from the pages” – Carol D