Unlocking the Major Arcana through Yoga Online Workshop


During a 60 minute yoga class I will lead you through a spiritual practice that is intended to open the door to a deeper exploration of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana are often referred to as the “destiny cards” of the Tarot. The Major Arcana lead us through every phase of life.


The yoga class leads you through three important cycles of the Major Arcana. The cycle of Self, the cycle of tests, and the cycle of attainment. Each series reflects a specific chapter or stage in your life’s journey and will be paired with a particular set of yoga poses.


The class is a Hatha Yoga style, the word ‘hatha’ is derived from the sanskrit words for sun(ha) and moon(tha). This style of yoga is steady, stable, and balanced. This is an All Levels class for those ages 9-90, all you need is a willingness to learn!


I am so so incredibly excited to share 22 wonderful worksheets pairing a specific yoga pose with each individual card in the Major Arcana.


Each sheet has a picture of the yoga pose, a picture of the tarot card (Lumina Tarot Cards by Inner Hue, purchase here), a description of how to get into the pose pictured, and the connection to the intuitively selected, paired tarot card.



I channeled this Divinely guided meditation while in the Akashic Records. This meditation is precisely intended to allow key life lessons that have been sparked by the workshop to continue to surface and unfold naturally in your day-to-day life.