Spiritual Protection for Empaths (Liberated Woman’s Podcast!)

Spiritual Protection for Empaths (Liberated Woman’s Podcast!)

I am honored to be a guest on this incredible podcast!

SPIRITUAL PROTECTION FOR EMPATHS | How to shield yourself from energy vampires and negative vibes so you can finally feel like yourself again with Madison Rosenberger.

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“Are you ready to become a Liberated Woman?

Then this show is for you! The one and only podcast for women who crave more freedom and bliss in their life. Join your host, Amber Chalus each week to discover ancient wisdom, holistic practices and simple everyday rituals that will help you FINALLY calm your busy mind, nourish your body, re-ignite your heart & reveal your authentic spirit! Join us every week to get a glimpse into the lives of incredible women just like you who reveal their personal journey to freedom in health, life and business!”

Madison Rosenberger
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