The Deeper Purpose Behind “Alone Time” (Empath Survival)

The Deeper Purpose Behind “Alone Time” (Empath Survival)

If you are a sensitive soul who has a tendency to carry around the heavy emotional baggage of others, by the end of the day you may not remember what was yours, to begin with, and what you have been holding on to for someone else. Spending time alone is one of the many ways you can protect yourself as an Empath or HSP and sustain better boundaries with the ones you love. By spending time in solitude you become more and more familiar with what YOU feel like; what your energy, emotions, and thoughts are, and the more familiar you become with what is NOT you.

Empaths are constantly picking up frequencies and emotions from others to the point where they forget what is not there’s to carry. It is not your job or responsibility to hold the load for your friends and family. You can support them and be with them as they carry their own load, but it’s not up to you to take it on for them. By assisting others and not doing the work for them, you are also creating space for more growth and healing for that person. 

If you take on what is not your own for too many people, eventually you won’t be any good to help others. Take me and my work for example. I am here to guide, support, and empower my clients on their journey. If I decided to energetically take on each person’s problems as my own, by the time I was done with 3 or 4 clients I would be tapped out and unable to help anyone else.

However, as an Empath myself, I understand how it can be difficult to even realize you are doing this! You subconsciously lift away energetic imprints from people throughout the day. (This is why practicing and establishing boundaries, and grounding and clearing each day are so important) This leads me to the deeper importance of alone time. Alone time is a great opportunity to recharge and clear your head, but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to get to know yourself better.

Empaths are so muddled with the emotions of others, we often forget what our own are. Which ones are mine? Which ones are not? This is the most important distinction! Once you know yourself well enough, you can start to identify when something that has come into your energy field is not your own and “return to sender”. 

Spending time alone gives you the ability to say “Hey that’s not mine, not my circus not my monkeys”, so that you can detach from the heavy pull it may originally have on you. After you realize something is not your own it’s easier to not engage with the turmoil it may have been causing within yourself.

Make sure to make alone time (especially in meditation and silence) a priority so that you can be confident in your own energetic boundaries!

There are many many ways to establish better boundaries, but I touched on 4 of them in a recent FB Live video, so if you’d like to learn a few more techniques head on over there and check it out!

Madison Rosenberger
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