The Power is in Your Hands

The Power is in Your Hands

I have always been fascinated with the human hand. Growing up I was always first in line to have my palm read at the Renaissance Fair and I had an obsession with learning sign language. How miraculous is it that the human race has developed an entire language through our hands? I have always been a very sensitive, intimate and touchy-feely person. I want to hold, pet, love, and touch everyone and everything. My hands are an extension of my energy field, my link to the rest of the world and the path to my own spirit.

The power of your life lies in your hands.

Through your hands you can predict the future, observe the past, scrutinize your health, access your heart, and wield the power to heal yourself and others. The magic lies in your hands; they are a direct line to your heart, the seat of your soul. Through the fingertips you can touch and feel the seen and unseen and you can reach out to others. You high five, shake hands, give thumbs up, and communicate via multiple hand gestures. Through touching yourself and others the hands also allow you to evoke tantric sacred sexual energy. With your hands you feed yourself, create art and music, hold your children, and pet your animals. You nurture others and yourself through your hands. Through your hands you have been given the key to living a happy, healthy fulfilled life.

The hand is like a giant unique fingerprint, no two people are alike, Palmistry teaches us that your hand is a blueprint of your body; the texture of your skin, length of yours fingers, shapes of lines, and even the fingernails tell you a hidden story. William G Benham discusses in his book The Laws of Scientific Hand Readings, that Palmistry is based upon the belief that the Creator made seven types of people, and all seven types of people are crucial to life on earth. These seven different categories of mankind are prominently featured by the expression of the Mounts in the hand.

Many other cultures and healing systems practice the belief of mapping out the brain, body and subtle energy bodies through the hands. Ayurveda depicts each element being represented by a finger. In Chinese Medicine illness is known to be caused by a lack of or too much of a certain element in the body and can be remedied through exercises with each finger. Water for the pinkie finger, Earth for the ring finger, Spirit/Ether for the middle finger, Air for the index, and Fire for the thumb. Similarly some schools of yoga associate chakras with each finger; Sacral with the pinkie, Root with the ring finger, Throat with the middle, Heart with the index, and Solar Plexus with the thumb.

Your hand house Acupressure points, reflex zones, meridian lines and energy channels directly mirroring the entire body. Applying pressure to the top of the ring finger can relieve headaches, stroking the index finger in an upward motion relieves constipation. Yogis stimulate what are called Mudras, or energy locks in the hands, to seal in energy and desired effects. There is literally a Mudra for everything from digestion to Divine consciousness.

I could go on and on about the incredible true unharnessed power of the hands, in fact, I have often debated writing my dissertation on the subject. For now here are a few practical ways you can use your hands to really dive into the magic they possess.

Your hands can practically rain glitter if you allow them to.

I hope you enjoy these tips and find a new way to connect to your authentic self. Please let me know how these tips work for you, I would love to hear your feedback! Enjoy!

  1. Activate your Hand Chakras:

Rub both of your hands together rapidly until you feel heat being generated. Vigorously tap the center of each palm until you feel a tingly sensation. Hold you hands about a foot apart, palms facing each other and play with feeling energy with your hands. Imagine you are holding a sphere of energy, and move your hands around the ball of light, detecting its auric field. Take this a step further and play with recognizing the energy field of plants, animals, and even your friends! Can you feel the tingly sensation prickle as you get closer to their auric bubble (energy field) and notice the sensation fade the further you draw your hands away?

  1. Heal from your Heart’s Center:

Our heart and hands are directly correlated and you can use your heart’s power to generate healing energy in your hands. The first time I ever realized the full extent of my natural healing ability was when I went to teach a yoga workshop at a music festival in C.O. A girl was feeling quite nauseous and as I went to hug her I saw a bright green light travel out of my heart down my arms, out my hands and into her back. When you want to help yourself or heal others, place your hands over the associated body part and imagine a light (color of your choice) coming from your heart through your arms, out your hands, and into the person or body part. Match your breath with the visualization for added power. As you inhale watch the light grow and glow brighter in your heart and as you exhale watch it travel down your arms and even dripping out of your palm and fingertips like a waterfall.

  1. Make Magic

Get involved with hobbies that utilize your hands, your hands are the greatest instruments that have ever been invented, as Benham states “There has never been conceived or made by man any instrument, machine, or contrivance, capable of such a diversity of usefulness as the human hand” Find a passionate activity you can sink your hands into (pun intended!) whether it be learning a musical instrument, knitting, painting, gardening; make magic with your hands! Touch things, interact with things, feed your soul. Let your fingers guide you and follow their lead. Bake a cake and really feel the dough squish between your fingers, make love to your partner and touch their body with intention, take your gloves off while gardening and get your hands dirty!

  1. Essential Oil Hand Massage:

Purchase an essential oil that sings to you ( I recommend doTERRA) don’t use logic, allow your intuition to guide you. Put a dollop of a scent-free hand lotion or coconut oil in the palm of your hand and then add three drops of your chosen essential oil. Massage your hands together really paying attention to the base of each finger and the webbing in between each finger. Give intricate massages to both of your hands intuitively paying attention to which parts are asking for deeper pressure or extended attention. As I stated before, the hand mirrors the body so you are essentially applying essential oil to every body part and stimulating energy to move through the whole body. It is believed you can make the entire body more flexible or stronger by stretching the fingers and strengthening the hand. By massaging your hand you are treating your body, mind and soul to deep relaxation.

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