There’s Nothing Serious Going on Here

There’s Nothing Serious Going on Here

Ever felt as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders? As if the number of expectations you and others have set on you will break you in half? Or felt like none of it is good enough and you just can’t do it all anymore? That’s exactly how I was feeling the weekend I went to Charlotte, I had just finished my third intensive Akashic Records weekend-long class. I had opened myself up for a lot of healing to take place and was feeling raw.  My mom (my teacher) and I had just gotten home after the last day and I was exhausted. Due to my sheer fatigue, my emotions decided it was a prime opportunity to attack. As I focused on all the “things” I had to do for my business that week, fear, failure, shame, and anger all welled up inside of me. I had the unsettling thought that no matter what I accomplished or what I planned, none of it was good enough. I felt like a hamster who had been spinning her wheel all day only to end up in the same place. I turned to my mom with tears in my eyes, I was ready to blow. She brought me over to the refrigerator and pointed to some words scribbled on a post-it. “I heard these words in an Abraham Hicks talk the other day and they really stuck, and I think they can help you.” she said. I read the post-it out loud “There’s nothing serious going on here”, and just like that everything that had been stressing me out melted away.

“There’s nothing serious going on here”

I kept repeating the phrase in my head over and over. What sweet relief! It felt as if someone had gripped both of my shoulders and shaken me awake.

Life is not meant to be taken so seriously! None of it really matters!

As you grow older and leave your childhood behind you forget that the only purpose of human life is to laugh, be happy, and have fun! God doesn’t require that you make something of yourself or achieve X, Y, and Z, that is the expectation of human ego and fear. Yes, you were put here to grow, heal, and ascend but you are not meant to take it so seriously. In fact, the truest way to ascension and healing is through simple, playful, joy. Everything you seek in life is an attempt to find happiness, so why are you making it so difficult for yourself? Happiness is simple and easy to find. You can feel it when loving on a sweet furry creature, taking a walk and feeling fall leaves crunch under your shoes, or drinking hot cocoa by the Christmas tree. Joy is giving hugs to friends or dancing in your underwear to your favorite song.

Let go of the expectations to “succeed” or to hit your next milestone. Release the goals and stop measuring your happiness through your accomplishments. You are on a journey to raise your vibration but if you take it too seriously you strangle the journey and suffocate the intention.

So anytime you feel like I did that night in my mother’s kitchen, anytime you feel like you’re not doing enough, being enough, or accomplishing enough, stop yourself and say, “There’s nothing serious going on here” When you start to feel the heaviness of your to-do list or the severity of your spiritual growth, shift your perspective, and recognize that if all you did for the rest of your life was find simple easy ways to put a smile on your face you would be the most accomplished soul on earth.

So next time you set yourself a blaze with expectations, stop drop and roll and come back to the present moment and find one thing to make you smile. Go inside and ask your inner child, where can I find simple happiness right now, in this moment, and repeat this mantra to yourself, “There’s nothing serious going on here”

Madison Rosenberger
  • Erin Cox
    Posted at 15:38h, 02 December Reply

    I love this Madison!

    • admin
      Posted at 22:36h, 03 December Reply

      Thanks Erin!! xoxo

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