Do you ever get that tingly feeling running up and down your arm when you’re excited? Feel the butterflies swirl around in your stomach? That heavy, dense feeling in your chest when someone with a dark demeanor walks by?

Ever finished your friend’s sentence? Reached for the phone to call your mom just to have it ring in your hand?

All of these experiences and circumstances depict pure energy. Just like the wind brushing across your forehead, energy can be felt. Energy can be felt and transmuted into words, physical sensations, and into matter itself.

When you want to speak, your brain sends signals to your mouth to form words… energy. When your stomach hurts it could be due to poor digestion…energy is at work. When you pray, pray, PRAY for the rain to go away, and it does….still energy. Energy makes up our Universe. Energy depicts our world; emotionally, mentally, physically, and metaphysically.

When I hold a pendulum in my hand and I ask it to turn left to right, or back to front, my brain is energetically sending more energy to the pendulum that is being transmuted physically. I am just sending my energy one step further than my hand.

This is the way we manifest, read tarot cards, communicate with the dead, use crystals for therapy, and so much more.
Manifestation, for example, is simply our thoughts creating enough energy that it becomes so big and our energy field draws in that very same energy we put out! It’s the law of attraction.

Communication with animals, the deceased, crystals, plants, or any other entity is simply energy being transmuted into words. Disease and pain in the human body is simply a manifestation of unbalanced or blocked energy. Chakras, or “wheels of energy” depict specific energy vortexes in the body. They are the wheels in our clock, without the wheels churning we would not be able to put one foot in front of the other. When one wheel is stuck or spinning too fast, it throws the whole machine off!

Energy healing methods such as Reiki regulate these energy wheels. Healers use many different methods to cleanse, balance, and soothe our chakras; allowing our clock to run smoothly once more. Sometimes we hold negative energy in our chakras from past lives, negative experiences, or repressed memories. We subconsciously shove our feelings in; not allowing our bodies to breathe through the energy, it gets stuck.

One of the most common things to feel during energy therapy are tingles. Take a moment and bring your awareness to your toes, envision a golden light swirling in and out of each toe, and in the creases between them. Can you feel the tingle?  Tingly sensation is just a reminder that the energy is there, working its magic, keeping you alive. When you feel these tingles radiate in any area of your being let it bring your awareness to this subtle, powerful force that’s motivating and activating your body, mind, emotions and soul.

Madison Rosenberger
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