Unlock the Power of your Yoni

Unlock the Power of your Yoni

A yoni is the Hindu representation of the goddess Shakti, yoni is the sanksrit word for a female vagina referring to a woman’s “womb” “source” and “abode” as a “Sacred Temple”. A woman’s yoni is the seat of her soul, the core of her being, and the home of her power. Women have suffered a disconnection from their yoni’s for a long time and for thousands of years our society has suffered from an imbalance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. All women carry karmic patterns in their yoni from past life, ancestral, and present sexual shame, guilt, and trauma. It is only when we can release and heal this that women will feel truly free again.

Yoni Crystals are one of the keys to this much-needed healing.


Yoni crystals heal that part of yourself that believes you’re “not enough”. By developing a practice with your yoni eggs and pleasure wands you start to move through these deep seeded erroneous beliefs. Yoni Crystals quiet literally teach you to love yourself on the most basic level and that is a powerful gift. They show you how to honor and worship your body, and that’s what matters most, not what others think of your body but your own connection with it.

Using yoni crystals has become an epic ritual in my self-love practice. Self-love practice is a non- linear healing journey, its like peeling back many layers of an onion reaching deeper and deeper to the core of your truest self. It may at times seem you are moving backwards but you are always moving forwards. I cannot tell you how many times I have conquered another barrier to my self-love feeling sure I had succeeded only to meet a new obstacle. This can be exhausting and frustrating, but I promise it is a positive thing and not a failure. To keep being presented with new challenges you are making forward progress and being granted the gift of going even deeper. Yoni crystals facilitate this deep healing journey in a profound way.



By using my yoni crystals I have…

  • Transformed my moon cycle, I went from 7-8 periods with crippling pain and debilitating mood swings to 3 day light periods with mild cramping.
  • Cleared away trapped emotions that had been stored in my womb.
  • Significantly reduced symptoms of my bladder disease, Interstitial Cystitis.
  • Been able to restore a closer connection with my body.
  • Been able to continually peel back more and more blocks to positive body image.
  • Learned how to embrace my own definition of sexy, which is a paradox between honoring both the “virgin” and the “seductress”
  • Begun to heal false perceptions of sexual intimacy.



I am so incredibly grateful for the healing and growth my yoni crystals continue to offer me and I cannot recommend their use enough. This is why I am now selling these magical stones in my shop through the talented Rosie Rees. Rosie is a self-love goddess and I am honored to know her and be inspired by her every day. Rosie has put her heart and soul into providing these wonderful crystals to women around the world. I have purchased yoni eggs from many places and Rosie’s yoni crystals are by far the highest quality I have found. Their energy is high vibrational and uniquely powerful. The crystals she sells are far superior to anything I have ever found and I am incredibly excited to be offering them in my shop.



If you would like to learn more about yoni crystals, their benefits and how to use them navigate to my shop at www.madisonrosenberger.com/shop!

I would like to leave you with one last thought, slightly comical but incredibly thought-provoking
If women loved their yonis as much as men loved their penises, the world would be a much different place.



*Featured Image of Jade Egg by RosieRees.com and Image of Rose Quartz Wand by @sigounrey.belle





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