Intuitive Empath

Intuitive Empath

My whole life I’ve been told “You’re too sensitive”. Turns out its that exact sensitivity that has been my greatest gift. It has shown me how to help others and even predict the unknown..

 How can extreme sensitivity to others emotions be physic you ask? An Empath does not just understand how another person is feeling, they literally have no choice but to “feel” another’s emotions as if they were their own. For example, I walk by a person who feels such utter self-loathing and it energetically hits me so hard I want to cry on the spot.  To put words to how an Empath feels into another human being is almost impossible, because it is a sensation unfamiliar to most individuals.

You might be thinking right about now, “Wow, that must be horrible”, you are right! That being said, if an Empath embraces their gifts, and can tap into their psychic or intuitive abilities they can learn to protect themselves. As writer states “Motivated empaths can learn how to control their empathic abilities, create personal energetic and spiritual protection and learn to unfold empathic abilities into full-blown psychic ones.”

  This is where my intuitive abilities have come in handy! As an Intuitive, knowledge and understanding of people or situations I may never have encountered hits me in a flash. Many psychic intuitives have a main channel by which information comes to them. Clairvoyance, or seeing the unknown, Clairaudience, hearing the unknown, Claircognizance, knowing the unknown, or Clairsentience, feeling the unknown. As you might have guessed, I predict through my Empathic abilities or Clairsentience, feeling the unknown.

 My gifts are like skills or muscles. The more I train and practice, the more advanced I become. Its like a basketball player or a pianist, if they just sat at home and wished and hoped that they would excel, not much would happen. I use tools such as Angel Cards to help hone my abilities, and practice trusting my gut and getting out of my ego.

Living life as an Intuitive Empath, can be emotional and raw, and many misunderstand me as a person, but in the end it is all worth the knowledge and healing abilities this gift has brought me.

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