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As a profound Empath it is very easy to feel and channel everything. I am keenly aware of your thoughts and feelings and your pain and suffering. I know what lives in your heart. I can feel the emotions that lie at the core of your being. I can feel what you cannot feel for yourself. This allows me to bring awareness to feelings hidden under your conscious self and to help you heal your heart and your emotional wounds. This deep understanding creates a Sacred Space where you can align with your authentic self and heal on a deep level. Every single emotion, concern, or feeling that you have is important, I am here to listen.


I am a natural born healer.  The first time I realized the intense healing power of my heart was when I went to hug a girl who was feeling nauseous and all of a sudden I saw a vivid bright green light emanate from my heart, travel down my arms and out my hands back into her heart. She told me she felt instantly better, it was then that I recognized my gift and started practicing. Now that I have honed this power all it takes is my intention to shift another person’s energy.


Channel, intuitive, psychic, medium, whatever you want to call it. I facilitate messages from the unseen. I feel, hear and see things that give me clear guidance for my life and others. I tap into the divine Universe, my spirit guides, and my own inner guidance every day to lead me in the right direction. I work and communicate closely with Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other high vibrational beings. These beings and guides are here to help and only have your highest good in mind. They provide me with loving guidance to help navigate each session.

Spiritual Teacher

Today a new age is emerging, one where we are called to be spiritually independent. You can take control of your healing path and I am here to show you how. Through spiritual teachings I will bring you ah-ha moments, and liberate your mind. Allow me to nurture the innate intuition that is inside you, to unlock your connection to the Divine, and lead you to reunite with your higher self. (Check out my FB group, Spiritual Teachings with Madison Rosenberger, here)



All live sessions are performed remotely WORLDWIDE over phone or Skype,

with the exception of ‘Spiritual Yoga’ which is only hosted In Person (Charleston, SC)


No scheduling is necessary for all Written Reports.

Simply purchase your reading and once it has been completed a PDF report will be emailed directly to you!

Contact me if you have any questions about my services

or need help choosing the path that is right for you!

Katie Hasty testimonial for Madison Rosenberger

Madison has that special quality about her that will make you instantly feel safe and at ease. She creates a space of listening, non-judgement and compassion. Madison promotes and inspires the practice of self-love and self-care and intuitive healing. By example, she teaches how to genuinely be open to experiencing life as raw and breathtaking. Madison exemplifies how to gain strength and power from life’s many obstacles, rather than being defeated or giving up hope. I would highly encourage anyone to take her classes or have a private session with her.


Nashville, Tennesse