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I work directly with Angels, Ascended Masters, Sacred Guides and other high vibrational beings to channel Divinely guided information. This creates organic healing that targets all layers of your being.  This guidance helps you find direction, heal your wounds, find joy and return to wholeness.


Mentor with me and unlock your spiritual potential. Spiritual education is the key to true liberation. Learning how to heal yourself, how to connect to your intuition, and how to support yourself in this new age of enlightenment, will change your life.

Sacred Sexual Coaching for Women

Sex is how you get to know yourself on the most intimate level. Your expression of sex says a lot about you. Your fears, desires, and ideas around sex show you the doorway to your soul, and through sacred sexual exploration, you can discover how to heal the innermost layers of your being.


Through tailored sessions specific to you, I will empower you to find strength and flexibility within your heart, body, mind and soul. Through mindful movement, yoga not only helps you relax & rebuild your muscles but rebalance your subtle energies & return to your truest self. Your yoga mat is a sacred space to reconnect to your Higher Self.


Free your aura, body and energy of chemicals that are keeping you from performing at your highest spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional potential! Have a FREE phone consultation with me and we can talk about the best way for you to detox your being of harsh chemicals and the safer skincare and beauty products that will work best for you.


Unlike my other services, this card reading is not live. This is a written PDF report sent to you via email, there is no scheduled session. You will receive invaluable and impactful information in one neat little document. Many clients have described their report like an anchor keeping them full of faith and grounded through stressful times.

Contact me if you have any questions about my services

or need help choosing the path that is right for you!

In-person sessions located in Charlotte, NC.

Long-distances sessions offered worldwide via phone.

Madison has that special quality about her that will make you instantly feel safe and at ease. She creates a space of listening, non-judgement and compassion. Madison promotes and inspires the practice of self-love and self-care and intuitive healing. By example, she teaches how to genuinely be open to experiencing life as raw and breathtaking. Madison exemplifies how to gain strength and power from life’s many obstacles, rather than being defeated or giving up hope. I would highly encourage anyone to take her classes or have a private session with her.


Nashville, Tennesse