Energy Healing for Animals

How does it work?

All animals have a purpose, a soul, and an energy body just like ours. Trauma and imbalances are stored in the energetic body and manifest as disease, emotional imbalance, or behavioral problems.

There are many factors that can contribute to these energetic imbalances including abuse, past life experiences, mental and physical trauma, diet, depression, and anxiety. Your pet will also often carry a lot of your energetic issues in their body for you because your pet’s purpose is to help you on your journey.


Through intuitive energy healing I will help your animal clear these energetic blocks, balance their aura and chakras, and restore them to a healthy state. Animals are not run by their ego, this makes them incredibly receptive to deep energy healing.


Energy healing has no limits and can transcend space and time, so it doesnt matter where you are in the world because you DO NOT have to be In-Person for me to perform this service. (If you would prefer I worked on your pet in person, I make house-calls for an additional $2 a minute of travel time [one way])

I’ve always had an uncanny connection to animals, as a child I dreamt of becoming a veterinarian or a dolphin trainer. Little did I know one day I would become a real life Dr. Dolittle. When I was a little girl everyday after school I would walk the dogs of every neighbor in our cul-de-sac for free. This was always my favorite part of the day. They were my truest friends, my trusted listeners, and my wisest advisors, and I adored caring for them.


I have a deep passion for animals of all kinds and love working with these magnificent creatures. Animals are pure unadulterated love and sweetness and it brings me great joy to be able to help them heal!

Benfits of Energy Healing

Madison Rosenberger - Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor, Yoga Teacher in Charleston South Carolina
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Support through physical and emotional trauma or abuse
  • Help heal illness and injuries
  • Speed up post-surgery healing
  • Ease elderly animals into end of life transition


1 hour session



Follow up 30 minute session



Will work with any and all animals!

God is so awesome!!! I had been praying for my dog Lexi. We recently moved and her world had been turned upside down and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. I was praying for guidance to figure out what’s been going on and what I need to do to help her.

I asked around seeking help and was referred to Madison an amazingly loving human being who God has gifted with the ability to communicate with animals!


Lexi went to the vet on tuesday, the vet said everything was fine, she has blood tests and everything. As soon as my reading started with Madison she picked up on the fact that she had a bladder infection. I just got back from the vet today and she confirmed she had a bladder infection!!!


It’s so hard to know what’s wrong with our fur babies and all of the things she told me about Lexi rang so true and I actually feel like I can help her now.


She gave a voice to Lexi and now I know what she needs.


Houston, Texas

Madison’s reading for my two cats was a tremendous success. They went from open hostility to getting along and setting healthy boundaries. Her insights were totally helpful and on the money.

Her Gifts are incredible! Her insights are very open and direct. I left the session with a specific game plan for how to help modify their behavior – what did THEY need, and an understanding of WHY they were acting the way they were.


She fully understood each of their perspectives and how their personalities were at play and gave specific feedback for me to follow. It worked like a charm!


The first thing was to stop keeping them separated – let them have their little spats; they would settle into their new roles and be fine. As Mom, it was helpful moving forward KNOWING they would be ok (no major fights). Madison’s recommendations were much needed to heal Faith’s emotional wounds that were affecting the dynamic with her new sister.


It’s been AMAZING. She is a Pet Whisperer!!


Williston, Vermont

Sammy and I’s session with Madison was extremely beneficial to both her and I. Sammy is a rescue pit that we found running alongside the road; she suffers from severe anxiety and PTSD.


We have tried numerous alternative therapies for her and our session with Madison was easily one of the most rewarding.


Sammy came out of it calm, happy, and like a whole new dog. My favorite thing about Madison was that she was able to stay very aware of the energy and feeling in our reading. There was a point where Sammy got anxious and in turn, so did I. Madison was able to bring everything back in line and think on her feet to get us back to where we needed to be. There are a lot of unknowns with animals when you’re doing a reading, and Madison handled out situation beautifully.

I loved that Madison was able to pick up on exactly what Sammy and I needed most in the session. She tuned into the fact that I hadn’t bonded with her on much of an emotional level and she then provided me with ways that I could strengthen our connection

One of the biggest things I took from the session was when Madison explained that our animals are like crystals; in that they help us to transmute and process energy that were personally dealing with. It makes it very difficult to get frustrated with anything your pet does when you know that everything they’re doing is to help make your life easier. I am so thankful that I had someone who was able to remind me of the unconditional love that our pets have for us.


Lawrence, Kansas