Spiritual Yoga

Why private yoga?

1. Each body is different and requires personal queues and adjustments. Private yoga is key for developing a strong understanding of proper alignment for your body type. It is crucial to establish a detailed foundation to avoid injury and to evoke the proper function of each asana (yoga pose). This undivided attention during asana adjustments is only possible during private sessions.

This detailed teaching approach provides a solid foundation and repertoire to start a home practice and/or the confidence to attend a group class.

2. Up until modern times, the yoga journey was always a one-on-one experience between a mentor and mentee. Yoga incorporates more than just the physical. Yoga is a spiritual journey. The combination of meditation, and pranayama (breathwork) along with asana (the physical poses) is what sets yoga apart from any other exercise. Yoga clears all layers of the body on a deep energetic level. While cultivating a yoga practice you will also be embarking on a spiritual exploration. As your teacher and spiritual mentor I guide you through your practice and support your powerful and soulful adventure wholeheartedly.

Private sessions are a necessity to dive this deep into yourself.

  3. Most importantly, during our private sessions, I intuitively tap into your energy field and select poses that are specifically attuned to your needs. Combining my knowledge as a yoga teacher and my gifts as a skilled intuitive I create personalized sessions, unlike any other yoga instruction.

These are intuitively tailored sessions.


A custom-fit, intuitive, healing journey.

This tailored experience allows yoga to best serve you on your

spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing path.

My Yoga Certifications and Qualifcations

I am a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance with a background in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Anusara and hold specialized certifications in Children’s Yoga, Yin Yoga,  Prenatal Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga and Gentle Yoga.



After starting my yoga journey in 2012 my intuitive abilities, were unlocked and I was set on a profound healing path that changed my life.  Yoga means “to yoke” or “to unify”; though the unification of body, mind and soul you reconnect to your intuitive, Divine origin.


Once you are back in touch with your truest Self you can create room to heal and grow. “Yoga is a journey of the Self, through the Self.” Through 8 personally tailored, and thoughtfully designed private yoga sessions I will lead you through a tremendous journey to heal all the layers of your being, rediscover who you really are, and live a joyful life.


As you practice yoga you connect your breath to your energy lines and your chakras are cleared, repressed emotions are stimulated to rise to the surface, and you become balanced and grounded. You also become aware of your body and begin to engage with your physical self instead of just existing. There is a natural body intelligence you need to listen to but often ignore. “Your body is your temple”  is such a popular saying because it holds so much truth! Learn to honor your temple, and your life will honor you. Being in touch with your body at a deeper, energetic, emotional level and letting it speak for itself is necessary to achieve balance, mental peace, and brilliant health.

Yoga by Madison Rosenberger - Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor, Yoga Teacher in Charleston South Carolina

Through your yoga practice you will discover a new,

blissful, intuitive relationship with yourSelf

Benefits of Spiritual Yoga include:

  • Emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing
  • Mental calm and stress management
  • Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Relief from trauma, anxiety, and depression
  • Elevated overall sense of wellbeing
  • Transformational and relaxed breathing
  • An invaluable spiritual tool and connection to your higher Self
  • A happy, healthy, strong, and relaxed body
  • Support during your pregnancy and preparation for birth
  • A way to support your rehabilitation from injury or surgery
  • Increased energy and motivation
  • Enhanced overall confidence

With private yoga you receive…

  • An intuitive healing journey
  • A custom intuitively made yoga sequence for your home practice
  • Teachings on meditation, mudras, breathwork, and chakras
  • Comprehensive instruction on many types of poses including Forward Folds, Balancing Poses, Core Poses, Backbends, Hip Openers, Seated + Standing Poses, Inversions, Twists, and Arm Balances.
  • The confidence and knowledge to attend group classes
  • Support, understanding, and someone to back you 100%!


1 hour session

USD $85

90 minute session

USD $100

Having Madison right there with you for individualized support is a gift in itself – she truly is an amazing yogi and knows exactly what to look for on the mat.

I felt completely at ease with her instructing, guiding, and correcting my poses.

A very special aspect of my session with Madison was something I had not received before –  a customized yoga sequence designed specifically for me. Prior to pulling out the mat, my needs were expressed and she intuitively pieced together perfect yoga medicine that nurtured exactly what my spirit yearned for. Each pose was broken down step by step and the flow became my own to practice. Through carefully thought out movements and poses, Madison prepared me to work on my own meaningful practice to heal and empower myself again.


Toronto, Canada

Madison has had such a positive impact on my life!! I feel as if Madison has awakened my spirit! Yoga with Madison has helped me grow in body, mind, and spirit!! I LOVE the personal touch of private yoga with Madison. Every class was designed around my personal needs! Madison is so talented that she intuitively would know exactly what I needed to hear, or what part of my body needed special attention! I feel as if I have had a spiritual awakening! I have learned so much from Madison! She truly has healing hands and heart! I now practice the yoga and meditation that I learned from Madison at least 3 to 4 times a week! I am reading new books recommend from Madison and growing greatly on both a physical and spiritual level! Madison is such a positive person! She just makes me feel better when I am around her! Her positive energy makes you start to feel more positive and just have such great energy! She is just an amazing teacher!


James Island, South Carolina

I’m so glad to have experienced yoga with Madison. She holds the energy so well, uplifting everyone that she is around, her flow is intuitive, her intention is beautiful and she is wonderful to learn healing yoga from. She is truly able to work with anyone, even having her certifications for working with children, not to mention the perfect demeanor for it. If you haven’t tried yoga with Madison yet, you have to see for yourself! Beginner to experienced, if you’re hoping to advance and walk away feeling more positive and with a rise in energy, this is the lady to go to!


Asheville, North Carolina