partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield

Upcoming Classes 

  • Monday, July 24
  • August 7
  • August 14
  • August 28
  • September 11
  • September 18
  • September 25th
  • October 9
  • October 16
  • October 23

Time – 6pm till 7pm

Price – FREE

Location: Mount Pleasant Towne Centre, 1795 N Hwy 17, #7, Mt Pleasant SC 29464

“This class was astonishing, exactly what I needed for the week ahead. It gave me such power in the midst of quiet. It opened my eyes to how I need to slow down, meet up with my soul, and make peace. I will totally be attending for many further practices.”

– Madison Cantrell

I partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield to offer free classes three times a month to the public!

This is an All Levels, intuitively guided and powerful healing class. Using my gifts as a skilled intuitive I energetically tap into the students as a whole in each individual class and allow the energy to guide me. This results in a different theme, pace, and purpose for each class. This style of yoga is intended to heal you on a deep profound mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level. It is important to me to make sure that every student is comfortable and safe when practicing yoga, so I enjoy a hands-on teaching approach.

If you would like to practice yoga 1:1 with me please check out my Siddhi Yoga Program and its astounding benefits here.

Registration is required.


Private FB Group

I am passionate about teaching people how to live happier lives through spirituality. This Facebook group serves as an online platform where I can share my knowledge and teach you how to empower yourself on your spiritual journey.


I post monthly videos on Spiritual Teachings to answer any questions! I cover any spiritual, mystical, magical or metaphysical topic, the sky is the limit; so please ask any questions your heart desires! Please submit any questions you have to the group page or email me,


For centuries intuitive gifts were thought to be allotted only to a select portion of the population, the shamans, mystics, priests and priestesses but today a new age is emerging, one where we can all learn to be SPIRITUALLY INDEPENDENT. The most potent magic of all lies within ourselves and our teachers empower us to discover it.


Allow me to be your spiritual teacher, to bring you ah ha moments, and liberate your mind. Allow me to nurture the innate intuition that is inside you, to unlock your connection to the Divine, and lead you to reunite with your higher self. You can take control of your own healing and ascension, let me show you how.